what is your favorite Unit Or MOS

Jtf2 - would you care to elaborate? I would read that as Joint Task Force 2, but that mght not be what you mean. What is it and where?

BTW, my favorite unit is 5th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery (M110A2 203mm SP howitzer when I was with them, but MLRS these days at Fort Sill) - favorite MOS 82C Field Artillery Survey.
jtf2 is canada's elite counter-terror/Black ops/green ops unit and its only unit...see in the US there a little more then 43 000 SF memers wial in the canadian army were about 55 000 strong in the regular armed forces...
there are about 250-300 people in JTF2 and they are kept extremly secret no names,nothing then dont even follow the regular chain of command...

they were present in afghanistan with the US special forces....

My favorite unit has to be 91st (Hat in the Ring) squadron, 1st Fighter Wing, Langley Va! Im partial to to the Air Force..Buy em or bomb em I always say!

Gee, what big...shells you have redleg..and redneck...an an an :shock:
0341 mortarman
u get to do all the infantry stuff and get to do the mortarman stuff to the best job out there
man, i say tanks are the way to go, big tin monster, scare all the infantry that don't have AT weapons, unless you shoot first, or are too close, then you just run 'em over, save ammo ...joking, but tanks are the way to go
Favorite MOS would be Infantryman, preferably Rifleman! Oh, and I have no experience as to why, it's just what I want to be... ;)
My favorite unit so far has been the 82nd division lrrs team. I was only on the team for a short period of time due to dis agreements abhout ranger school. but it was still my favorite. my favorite MOS is of couse 11 bang bang.
I agree about 101 ABN ... they are truly amazing. With the risk of sounding a bit corny: The 101 ABN division has no history, it "rendzevous with destiny."
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JTF-2, 407 Helicopter Sqn, 425 Tactical Fighter Sqn, and of course, to be loyal to my own unit, 746 Lightning Hawk Squadron
:firedevi: 80th Fighter Squadron (JUVATS), 8 Fighter Wing Kunsan AB Republic of Korea USAF