What is your favorite military related song any genre?

The Stars & Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa...

I just love the piccola flute part in that march. I will never forget the crowd when our four piccola flutes walked to the front of the stage and played that part by heart... The consert was somewhere in Michigan. Can't remember where, but it should have been either in Grayling, Lansing or Detroit. (Or all of them) :D

Anchors Aweigh is also a good march.. But actually I prefer Swedish and German marches from late 19th century.

When it comes to songs with lyrics one of my favourites is Hemåt det bär (Homeward Bound or something like that), a song that every Swedish Soldier that has served abroad knows and sings at the end of the mission when the new people arrives.
Another favourite is the Russian song Proschanie Slavyanki (Farewell of Slavianka).
Love me when i'm gone-3 Doors Down

Halls of Montezuma

Bodies-Drowning pool(listen to this while your in a combat zone and your killing efficiency will increase by 88%, studies have proven it)
Proud to be an American.......Still get goose bumps everytime I hear it. And Yes just as the song says, " I will Gladly Stand Up Next To You and Defend Her Still Today"
Ira Hayes Johnny Cash
Letters from home John Michael Montgomery
The Marine Corps Hymn (it's not The Halls of Montazuma)
The Washington Post March.
Bonny Dundee

I'm havin a problem with wrappin my mind around the concept that a former gang banger (criminal) turned rapper understands what a solider/Marine goes through on the battlefield
Please explain.
I was only Nineteen by Redgum, Very good song about an Australian teenanger (hence the title) going to Vietnam
Help if ya can?

This may be alittle off topic but.. Ive been looking for weeks for this song that my dad heard some 35 years ago. and Ive finally come across this forum so heres the question:

It was the marine cores hymn but it had those cool vitnamese flutes in the back ground he said it sounded kind of errie. Anything you guys might know will really help my search.

:pray: Thanks again.
R Lee Ermey Marine Corps cadence, nothing better. Makes hair on my grape stand up.

If never heard, go to my my spcae in my profile, look at music box toward bottom and first song in the list is Gunny Ermey singin cadence. You can scroll there using bar on right side of music box.

As for the USMC hymn, every year at police week, they bagpipes folks play the hymn for me at least once. Sounds great, heavy chills..
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The Caisson Song (AKA the Field Artillery Song) :firedevi:
The Thunderer
Mountain Battery
The Red Guidon
O'Reilly's Gone to Hell
American Soldier
Semper Fidelis
The Stars and Stripes Forever :salute:
The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Battle Cry of Freedom (hard to find a good recording of this one. They are either to slow, sad and weepy (all the ones for Ken Burns' Civil War) or too fast and folksy to march to - go figure).

Army Blue (not the one done by the Cadet Glee Club at West Point - darn near fell asleep listening to that one)

The Invincible Eagle

The Glory of the Yankee Navy (yeah, I like John Phillip Sousa's stuff - a lot)

Bonny Blue Flag (yes, I know the lyrics, who wrote this, when and why, but it's still a great tune. I found out yesterday that the music was used as the basis for the 11 ACR's Regimental Song - Allons, Allons)

Men of Harlech
It’s A Long, Long Way to Tipararee
Semper Paratus ("The Blue Book says you have to go out - nothing whatever is said about having to come back" - God Bless the USCG :CG: )
See the following website for some of the above: http://www.usarmyband.com/Audio/army_band_mp3_selections.html
Website of the US Army Band "Pershing's Own". Please note restrictions on the use of some of these selections.
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