What is your favorite military movie (Non war movie)?


Das Boat (ge), Farewell to the king (us), Platoon (us), Apocalypse now redux (us), A l'est rien de nouveau (ge), The day after (us), Bravo Two Zero (uk), La 317 section (fr), Les croix de bois (fr), La legion saute sur Kolwezi (fr) and Blackhawk down (us)...of course!
I loved The Last Castle, such an awesome movie.

And Final Countdown was pretty durn cool too.

Best wartime movie (well, mini-series) is Band of Brothers, and We Were Soldiers was done really well.
-Rules of Engagement
-The Last Castle

I'm sure there's plenty more, but those stand out the most to me :D
A few of my favorites among those listed here are Rules Of Engagement, Top Gun, Gardens of Stone, The Last Castle (interesting as I used to live not that far away from the prison at Leavenworth), Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Full Metal Jacket (R. Lee Ermey is perfect in the role) and The Final Countdown. I also like the movies based on Tom Clancy's books.

carry on up the kyber (very funny pic satarising the brits in afganistan , when they still had the red coats)

Harrisons flowers.(kosovo)

the ANZACS(ww1)


the final bullet (ww2)


all the kings men(ww1)


gods and generals

Top Secret, Dr. Strangelove(the greatest), Space Balls, .....
Star wars, Indiana Jones......
And all war movies!
There are several non war military movies to pick from but heres a few top picks:

The Hunt For Red October
Crimson Tide
Men Of Honor
Navy Seals
Is that movie about the french guy who is looking for his father in broxs..........................or something else
Down Periscope was friggin hillarious. Putting Pam on a ladderwell is PAINFUL to the person who tries to climb up
"Bonnie Scotland" starring Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel who join the army and serve in India

Geez, there's an awful lot of people who don't seem to be reading the topic title before they answer.

As for me, that answer's easy, Cadence with Martin and Charlie Sheen. It's set in West Germany on an Army base in the early 1970s. Charlie plays a malcontent who winds up in the stockade with some very tough customers and suddenly realizes he's not the toughest guy but he is the only white guy there. He soon runs afowl of the Stockade's master sergeant played by his father, Martin. Charlie's battle with Martin draws him closer to his fellow prisoners and he finds a part of himself he didn't know existed and leaves the stockade a stronger, more thoughtful man.

I knew those people - I lived that life. That movie speaks to me perhaps more than any other of any kind because it is so personal for me.