What is your favorite gender?

What is your favorite gender?

  • Male

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Female

    Votes: 6 54.5%
  • Neither

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Known

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
I didn't even know about the 'alternative' lifestyles while growing up :-D n well, I have known some but I have no interest in it, lol. I like guys that are...oh...never mind, lol.
I prefer the wneders, they are not very much present here, but in the place I come from they are just.... gillbewight!

JFDR, I would have voted Unknown or Known, but as I only got the "Known" alternative, and no multiple choice, didnt want to spoil the poll.... "Wneders" are definitely missing in this one, I tell you!

What are "Wneders"?

I'm a little confused, how do you mean as in favorite gender?

Both I guess, but for different reasons!
Male, great for hard work.
Female, great for cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry, etc.
But trannies.... they are a blast!

I think I told a tale about dealing with a tranny bartender/waitress in the days I worked in the oil patch.... still brings a smile & chuckle!
Years ago I worked for a drilling company. The rig I was on, our crew (12 hour shifts), went to Craig Colorado for some stuff, and our toolie was going through a divorce. My sister was living on a ranch outside of Craig at the time. I knew a transexual through her, "Michelle". <cough cough>

Ok, so we're eating dinner at a bar/restaurant and me and the powerplant mechie are the only ones not drinking. Well, while the toolie's away everyone pitched money in the pot and we gave it to....Michelle, as she was working there.

Ok, her shift ends and she's been flirting with the toolie all night long. All he knows is she's (reasonably) good looking and he's torn up because of the divorce. So he's drunk, she's drunk, and their out dancing to the music. It's late, they start kissing and getting hot, next thing you know he finds out that really ain't a roll of quarters in her pocket.

I don't know what I nearly died from that night- laughing my butt off or him wanting to kill ALL of us! Life on the rig was not very pleasant after that. Of course I already didn't last long for other reasons. Thankfully!

But look on the bright side- he got back with his wife!
I just *love* anecdotes, my trap called herself "Ebony", in Germany. Should have been a dead give-away, but I was 18 (? or so)... :)

That was my first intro to the existence of the 'alternative' lifestyel...g/f took me to a bar ...was 17 shhh....n I saw guys smoochin n rubbin...ok..np ...was feelin awkward cuz we were the only women, lol..till four more walked in...I said...hey..we are not alone...my g/f was giggling away at me...I said, hey, they're real pretty too..what they doin in here?...then these 'women' spoke...I was shocked...lol...my g/f jus bout died of laughter at my shock...lol. :roll:
I can't pick a favorite gender, we're opposite sides of the same coin, but I am only attracted to girls. It would be nice to be bisexual, but these preferences are not something one can choose. The only girl I ever felt real love for was bi.