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What if all respectable and patriotic real American's (no hippies or Kerry fans) revolted and formed a new America?!

Then hell will rise. If we succeeded the chaos would hinder us economically and politiacally. Foreign nations will wonder if the US is stable and we'll lose all the power and prestiege we have gained.
Then they would be against the constitution, therefore not real americans, but insurrectionists and traitors.
Then politicans would no longer be lying and maybe the government would actually have some money, but i doubt it.

What if the Confederates won the Civil War?
Darkmb101 said:
What if the Confederates won the Civil War?

Then I would not be living in Arkansas, constantly hearing about the War of Northern Agression!

What if 10 people were chosen to go back in time and change any one event?
It was meant that way. Of course, freedom of speech is just one more thing under attack in the bush regime. Way to go, Sherman.
no its not, just on this forum! U can say whatever u want and the moderators can delete whatever offending messages they want.
Fair enough. Let me try again. What if Bush got re-elected? No jobs, poor economy, abolition of overtime pay(?!?!), nepotism, erosion of civil and constitutional rights, and the continuing destruction of any global goodwill we may have earned since vietnam.
What if Bush gets re-elected? Western civilization lives another 4 years.

What if he doesn't? It collapses within a year and the terrorists would be a hop skip and jump from winning.
WOW, you are RIGHT! Surely a corrupt businessman whose father bought him a job and whose whole presidency has been based on "Don't give them time to think" is the ONLY thing propping up western civilization! Yup, If he went down, everything would grind to a halt. I for one would just crumple up and turn to jelly, completely unable to tie my own shoes, much less contribute to western civilization. I am also sure that Canada, Iceland, and Columbia would also go belly up and give up the fight. Yep, George W. is the rock upon which all American achievement is built. I mean, we wouldn't have the industrial capacity, transportation network, public schools, aqueducts, or alphabet without him. He's like the little boy in the dike, holding back the tide of terrorism with his little finger. :roll:
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