What historical military Leader are you most like?

I was George Patton...kind of funny I get him even though I watch Patton like kids watch Barney :)

One different answer seperates Patton and Wesley Clark...I had one that I was iffy on so I went back and changed the answer. I took it awhile back and I believe it was the religious attack question...where they ask if you'd attack into a religious areas or whatever.

Military.com also has Desert Storm 2 which as the Coalition I walluped it, and as the Iraqis, you can get the American peeps to get their troops home.

Another good one is the Civil War game....you command the north or the south either one.
I'd have to say: Admiral Michiel Adriaanszn de Ruyter. Wonder if you guys know who he was.... :)
i would have to say, admiral farrugette, he fought like hell despite poor odds, ive never lost a fight, i allow others to win. :twisted: :rambo:
:lol: Mine changed, now I'm like the Duke of Wellington. Wonder if I'd be good in the shoe business, too?
William Westmoreland :) Don't know too much about him except for the brief biography they gave me and it sounded good to me!