What have i missed


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well lads what have i missed? whose still knocking around?
anyone any stories? Any members of the noric battle group?
Hey, he's back.. :D
What's the craic Dougal? :cool:
Good to see you back in here, hope that everything is fine with you and yours!
Hello. Never seen you before, but I hope that'll change and seeing as you were gone for some time, WELCOME BACK! :-D
For TeamInfidel: note the almost 40,000 posts.

For P80:

I'll try to make this as quick and simple as possible.

The political forum was having some interesting debates, many of which got a bit "heated" (look back in the political forums or look in the hall of shame to see exactly what was going on. the mods even completely shut down the political forum for a couple of weeks to sort out the mess) P80 got temporarily banned a couple of times for flaming other members. He got the permanent ban when he attempted to post a file after asking Redleg whether he could post it or not (Redleg said no). With that the plug was pulled.

Three strikes, and he was out.
Ha everytime I come back im a little bit wiser!!!!

A mate told me a few months back that ye were asking for me. I cant remember her online name. Anyway how are ye? Im a daddy now.
Congrats on the little one and welcome back. Some things have changed but we still don't allow double posting :)