What game console do you play the most?

Which Game console?

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  • X-Box

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  • Gamecube

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  • Nintendo 64

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  • Other

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N64, and GBAsp (Advance Wars RULES!!!).

... also Full Spectrum Warrior, for the Xbox looks bad @$$. :cowb:
I only have the good old Play Station w/gun... :)
"Point Blank" 1 and 2 rules! :D
Used to have gamecube didnt like the types of games they had they had quite a few just not enough variety so I traded it in for an X Box, no complaints so far, but the old Atari still RULES!!!
PS2.... I used to own one but I had to sell it. My favorite game(s) I played on it was the newer FF games. Like FF10 and FFX2. They do a really good job in making you feel a part of the game. I love it. I do the same thing with movies. I jusmp into them almost and feel I'm living it......... :eek:fftopic: I know I know. I'm leaving
I play my gamecube the most, just because i enjoy playing games with my friends as opposed to playing by myself and gamecube does that well.
Xbox... like playing co-op and it works well for that.
I have PS2 as well, but I think I own maybe one game for it... never use the thing.
I also have two computers and I frequent the Diablo2-ness... yea, it's old... but I like that game. :lol: