what do you want to do with your life

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I want to go to the air force academy and become an officer After I do my 25 years I want to retire as a kernel(colonel):salute2:
Going to head to USAFA, are you?

Well, I'm already one step into what I'm doing. I'm gonna finish up here at RMC and then head out to either coast for Naval Ops until I retire at 65 (hopefully with the rank of Commodore or higher), and then work with Cadets for a little bit.
Well my plan is to join the Canadian Forces Primary Reserves as an infantry NCO when I turn 16 and finish my grade 10. I'd like to stik with that for a couple years maybe just to see if the military is right for me. After that I would like to go into the airforce for at least five years but I havnt decided what I'd like to do yet. The reason I would like to transfer to the AF is because I would like to become a Search snd Rescue Technician and you need to have either four or five years in the AF before you can apply. I've always had a dream of jumping out of planes but I definately don't think I could become a paratrooper so I decided that Para-Rescue would be best.
Serving in the Marines after High School, try to get into the Scout Sniper program, see how that goes, if it doesnt work out stay infantry then become a high school American History teacher.
Go to Technology college for to study welding then maybe work on oil rig or something else that can make good money.
Well Im sure that will work out great for you allie..lol. I want to become an officer after going through University of Georgia ROTC. Then after I do my time Im gonna retire and become a high school Modern US history teacher.
C/2Lt Henderson said:
Well Im sure that will work out great for you allie..lol.
It has worked so far!

Ok, so seriously. I want to finish up EMT training, then start working towards my RN and possibly become a flight nurse. I would like to work more with search and rescue type stuff, but for now I am focused on getting through this semester because EMT ain't no piece of cake. And just to be generic- getting married and having kids will fit in there some where....
Go into the Corps as an officer, retire after twenty years (easier said than done I'm sure), then find a job with NASA or something like that. Getting married may be on the agenda, but I probably ain't going down without a fight.
What if your plans don't materialize?

Hi, I truly enjoyed every member's description of what their plans are!

If I may, I'd like to say something?

When I was your age I was the same. My dream was to become a Navy SEAL and after about 10 years of service leave and start my own company.

This is what I ate, shat and bleed on a constant, daily basis. In my mind there was nothing out there that could stop me. I was wrong, though!

I'm not saying your dreams will not come true but, I think it's important to have some kind of back up plan.

I actually found myself at BUD/S, Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school in 1995. I thought I was living my dream and really was. I was injured, though, and couldn't continue on and was thrown into the regular Navy without remorse from anyone. I was depressed, alone and hated life because I actually thought I was a failure for not passing BUD/S. In my mid 30's now I'm still haunted by the fact I never achieved my dream.

All I can say is this, keep strong, always have a back up plan and never put yourself down for not realizing a dream. Giving all you've got is good enough.

If I had it to do all over again I'd go to college first and become an officer. Get your degree...trust me when I say, you will not regret it. A good warrior is a smart warrior.

Wishing you all the best...


What I wanted to do was join the Airborne.

What I am doing is applying to the Army ROTC program at South Dakota State University and hoping for the best.
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Try to get into Annapolis, but if not, i'll just apply at OCS for the Marine Corps.

After i get outta the basic school, i dont know what ill do, infantry probably, or maybe, (if its still up) apply for MarSOC, become a Force Recon? I'm still not sure.

I just wish my HS offered some sort of JROTC, because i'm hooked on the Military Channel, and i just wish i could do it all.

I also got another question, whats a good way to tell you parents that your interested in the military (specifically my mom and sister, because my dad is a o.k, as he served in the Filipino Army)
I did not take JROTC at my High School because it doubled as a drug rehab program and I just really didn't like the surroundings in that class.
OK guys - here goes...........

I'm 61 years old and I still don't know what I want to be or do with my life.

How is that for an answer?????

Just a few of the jobs I have had through the years:

Farm Laborer, Hay Baler, Field Preparation (Tractor/Plow), Grocery Bagger,
Gas Station Pump Jockey, Janitor, Bowling Alley Pin Boy, Hotel Bus Boy,
Floral Delivery Boy,Laundry Delivery, Security Guard (Chemical Plant),
Paper Hanger, Sheet Rock hanger and finisher, Journey Carpenter, ,Painter,
Roofer, Air Conditioning Laborer, Cook, Dishwasher, Encyclopedia Salesman,
Vacuum Salesman, Checkout Clerk, Stock Clerk (Major chainstore), Security Guard (Bank),
Asst Manager (Service Station), Cutlery Salesman, Security Guard (Power Plant).
Front-end Alignment Mechanic, Master Mechanic.

Ground Pounder, Cannoneer, Radioman, Microwave Radio Repairman, Base Police (BP),
Weapons Department Supply Clerk, Fire Control Technician (FCC), Head of Damage Control,
Weapons Department Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO), Physical Security Specialist.

The above are just a few of the jobs that I have worked at since the age of nine years old (first time I was paid for work by someone other than my parents).

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Wow, and to think my 7th grade teacher told me that if I didn't know what I wanted to do after high school I needed to "get with the program." I've done the bus boy and farm laborer thing, I liked being a "field hand" as we were called because I was outside in the sun enjoying the fabulous Minnesota summer.
I want to enlist in the Army after I graduate high school this year and serve in one of the Ranger Battalions.
I want to go into the Canadian Armed forces as an officer (hopefully through RMC) and then design new fighter jets or rocket propulsion systems.
Well the best part of mine is now behind me, do I have any complaints or regrets, well NO. I still think life is great and enjoy every moment of it. Now would I chance any thing in the past, well a couple of small items but they came about more from the period that I lived in and what was going on in the the world. On the whole i think I have a great life and every day is a bonus and have lived through one a very interesting time in history.
I'm applying for ROTC at the University of Southern California (USC) and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and also the Naval Academy.