What do you think about the Cypriot situation?


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What is going on in Cyprus is historic.. Two historically divided communities can unite on April 24th by accepting the controversial Annan plan in separate referenda... However, Greek Cypriots are for the most part opposed to the plan.. for they believe that the only winners are the Turkish Cypriots... of course the Annan plan can also be called the Colin Powell plan, for Turkey once again is getting American help in diplomacy, and this time it has actually worked, given that the entire world, even Greece, is pressing the Greek Cypriots to accept the plan. They have a choice; vote YES and unite with the pseudo-Turkish republic, but hold the weight of the poverty of Turkish Cypriots, or vote no, and look like the party-pooping bad guys, but enter the EU and maintain one of the best living conditions in the Middle East. After that though, there will be no complaining about the Turkish military's presence in Cyprus.

My honest opinion is that in the long run Greek Cypriots will benefit more by voting yes to the referendum, the problem is that Greeks (being a Greek myself I can say this) have difficulty forgetting the past and it will be with extreme reluctance that they accept the plan, if they do. I believe they won't, and the status quo situation will remain.

What is the opinion of the other members?
I think the situation is very clear..Turk cypriots wanted to unite with greek cypriots,wanted peace and equal rights for each side....However,greek people did not agree..So then which side have done thing they should do?
The answer is turk side..And a friend in the forum said that greeks can't forget the past..How come?All of the years until 1974,they had been abusing turkish people...they had been using arms against civilians..
But now turkish side isn't known and accepted as a country..Do you really
think it is FAIR?