were you get?


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Hey is this forum specially made or can you sign up for it?? cause im interested in gettin one like this cause i like the mili buck stuff :lol:
This forum is originally a PHPbb forum.
Go to www.phpbb.com to download it.

But I have heavily modified this forum myself, so you wont find anything like this.
But it's possible to find several of the mods I have used here on the PHPbb site.
The MilBucks is a modified version of the Cashmod you can find on the PHPbb site.
ok well basically i down load the PHP thing off there site then upload that to my webiste and then install it correct??
Yes, then you get the basic version of PHPbb.
It's easy to install, but you need a webhost that supports PHP and MySQL...
well my site is hosted on Godadd.com what am i supposed to put in the Database Server Hostname / DSN:
What hosting package do you have at Godaddy.com?

It's been a while since I installed this forum, so I don't remember everything from the installation process.
But the documentation that comes with PHPbb should be able to guide you through the process..
And I can recommend the forum/community at PHPbb.com if you have any PHPbb installation questions.
well my dad got the junior package then he said they upgraded it but he doesnt know what it was to...it was a free upgrade

It's only 2Gb of data transfer pr month...
I personally don't like the Godaddy hosting at all...
It's expensive, and with very few features and really bad support.. :?
And they have had some real serious prioblems with search engines lately (google.com), that makes me trust them even less.

If you are thinking about making an active board, with over 200 members, 2gb of transfer pr month is not enough!

But when it comes to installing a PHPbb on godaddy, phpbb.com is the best plase to ask..

Feel free to ask me any PHPbb questions as soon as you have installed it.
I've learned a bit about it from working with this forum..
200 memebers will be way to much lol.... it will most likely be like 40-50 members cause right now im using www.proboards.com for forums. This forum is gonna be used for the airsoft team im in....its not super active but its used.... i guess ill look on there and find out :)
2gb should be enough for 40-50 members..
As long as you don't use too much graphics.

And it's a good idea to host the board on godaddy rather than using a free board host.. (too many ads.. :? )

Good luck, tell us when your board is up and running. :D
Red leg,
If you can, can you help me?
I filled everything out but it keeps tellin me :
phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

me n my dad have been messing around with it trying to get it to work...
I figured it out... now im setting them up and all and in a bit ill put a link....

Red leg im having troubles with wen people log in. When you submit your password & name it comes up with the page not found...but then if you go back onto the forums your logged in...
To Second Edit:

Strange?... :?

I have no idea..
Are you sure all pages are uploaded?
You can PM me the URL to your forum, and look at it.

Have you tried the PHPbb help forum?

I was wondering...I need a free host for a forum, with multi-langauge...anything out there. I cant efford a payd domain....All i got is my geocities site, and i cant us phbb there....
Re: OK

sherman105 said:
I was wondering...I need a free host for a forum, with multi-langauge...anything out there. I cant efford a payd domain....All i got is my geocities site, and i cant us phbb there....

do a search on google etc. for "free phpbb hosting" or something like that.
There are a few free phpbb hosts, but many of them are very slow and/or full of pop-ups, ads etc..
האם זה &am

dose phbb allow multi langauge? I gus after ill post this ill know.
Re: Yes

sherman105 said:
Thats great but is it hosted by you or a server?

Yes, there are a lot of different language packs for it.
And you can translate it yourself too.