We were soldiers

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I think he (Sam Elliot) would be great as Claire Chennault in the upcoming movie about the AVG.

Col Moore: I'm glad you made it.
Joe Galloway: Yeah you too.
Col Moore: I'm not, I'll never foregive myself. My men died in battle, and I surrived.
Joe Galloway: How do I tell this story. I don't know if I can.
Col Moore: It has to be told, the American people, have to know how my troopers died. You have to tell them.

If you don't feel a sharp stab in the heart, when Moore says he'll never forgive himself, you aren't human. Drives home the responiblity of every officer. Thank God for people who can lead.

When in the movie did he say this? I'm trying to find it on Youtube to put it in my project about veterans.