We need help...How do you change your MOS?


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:?: My fiance is at Ft. Benning as 18x with a 5 year contract. When we became engaged he decided the Special Forces wasn't a family friendly choice so he's trying to change his MOS. Everybody is telling me that this is not going to happen...so I know that. What I don't know and what I want information is if there are any loopholes...any ways that they don't tell you about. Please help!
I dont think there is any loop holes, I am not absolutely sure what the reg says so I am going to go a little off intuition. I am pretty sure that you can not reclass (change MOS's) until you have served your first enlistment period, which can be anywhere from 3-8 years. And just because you want to reclass does mean that you will be able to. The Army will keep you in the same MOS if there is a need for soldiers in that MOS. If the MOS that you are currently positioned in is doing okay numbers wise then you might have the opportunity to change, but the thing is you probably wont be able to pick which MOS you go into the Army will put you in whatever MOS is short that you qualify for and which ever one has a slot in your rank. You may request hardship, but honestly all factors should have been considered before going SF. Hope this helps.
18X is not an actual MOS.

Tell him not to worry about it. The majority of those that attend Special Forces training rarely make it past the first initial steps .. and these are people that truly want to be there. If it is not in your fiance's heart and mind, he will not pass and will be sent off to a conventional unit .. most likely the 82nd Abn.

No one is going to force him to become a Special Forces soldier .. in fact, no one can. He has to want that himself. If he has changed his mind, then it's up to him whether or not he succeeds in becoming one. He doesn't need anyone to change his contract or MOS - all he has to do is quit.

Once he arrives as SFAS, have him inform them that he does not want to be there. I can assure you, SF does not take those that are not willing to sacrifice everything to be there .. they will not force him to stay. The same thing goes for the Abn training (BAC) he will be required to attend.

If he can handle being a quitter, then his problems are solved.