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We are a newly formed film production and philanthropic organization that is conducting research nationwide meeting with US veterans, active duty soldiers and their loved ones for our project entitled Into the Heart of America: A Soldier’s Story. Beginning on July12th we will be departing Los Angeles, CA and embarking upon a 6 week research and development road trip across the US. During our travels we will be visiting rehabilitation facilities and the homes of soldiers and their families who have returned to the US from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re reaching out on blogs and forums to ask if anyone would be interested in speaking with us about their own experiences. We understand that these can be very personal matters, so we do not wish to impose ourselves if anyone is not interested. However, if there are people who do wish to speak with us, we are certainly interested in talking to you both on and off the record. Let us explain what we are doing so you have an idea of what the project is about.

Simply put, we are seeking to capture the stories of American soldiers. Our research will encompass the entire scope of a soldier’s life before enlistment, through basic training to active duty, and then returning home. Our prime focus is on the physical and emotional hardship suffered and how well the needs of these returning servicemen and women are met by the institutions who support them. As days go by, the movement to open people’s eyes to the hardships of assimilating back into a normal life is gathering steam. Often times the media focuses on the overall issue with blanket coverage. While this is very important in its own right, we believe it is essential to supplement the issue with a stronger emphasis on the human element; to give the story a face. Our documentary focuses on capturing individual soldiers’ stories because they deserve that attention. We want to build an awareness of the struggles and triumphs at home. We would like to add that this is not a political project by any means. We believe that putting politics into the equation distracts from the more important concern, that of the soldiers themselves.

Additionally, and in keeping with Astoria's ongoing integrated philanthropic efforts, we will be working with several charities and relief organizations during our travels, including but not limited to: tornado relief in Joplin, MO and community outreach programs in Louisiana rebuilding homes in the post Katrina aftermath. We are sponsored by Trader Joe’s, who is kindly supplying us with car packages to give to families in need, and by PUMA, who is providing us with activewear to give to veterans currently going through rehab.

Again , if anyone one is interested, we can be contacted at astoriaent@gmail.com. Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have, as well. We’d be more than happy to answer them.

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