Was the invasion of Iraq necessary, can they fight back?

Do not forget Saddam gave Abu Abbas hiding in Baghdad. His hijacking of the Achillo Largo made him one of the most wanted terrorists in the 80s, and if not for a health condition the man would of been out killing Americans. Ive also seen a picture In Iraq of Saddam with a Bedoiun head dress next to the burning twin towers. I dont care what anyone says, after the 1st Gulf War he changed. He went from seeing Islam as an annoyance to a weapon he could us. This bullshit about "Bush Lied People Died" is just bullshit. The whole world was duked. It's that simple. It's ashame our guys have to pay for it in blood, I only hope those WMDs really were destroyed, or the "Bush lied" discussion will be the least of our worries...
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... I believe the USA started the action of 'policeman to the world' back in the days of Woodrow Wilson , it has been that way since. ...

This is very interesting: i dont believe that The USA actually got involved with world policemanship until Trumans administration, when we became involved in the affairs of greece. Wilson wanted the US to support a Leauge of Nations to prevent something like WWI from happening again, but was really defeated by the US Congress in implmenting it with the US's backing. Without the US's backing, the world organization slowly died on the vine, sort to speak. We really went to an isolationist policy with the world until december 8, 1941.

As far as i am concerned, Iraq can get all the help it needs to govern itself: tools, weapons, judicary system, what ever. But those people are going to have to do the regulating themselves: I am very much against the US being there in any capacity to regulate them. True, theres a lot of very confused people over there right now trying to kill anyone that doesnt agree with their ways: shoot them. bury them. forget them. but lets get on with letting those remaining people govern themselves.

my 2 cents
Mark ,

Thank you for correcting me , as it was the Korean war era that we started acquiring the 'policeman' moniker. Wilsom started us in some other vein , and for the life of me(and too much scotch) I am certainly confusing the 2....Whilst I agree with your opining concerning US intervention in Iraq , I also see the need to see through the peace process we have tried to set in motion. Not to sound too extreme , but if I had captured Saddam , he would not be breathing any more of our air today. Whilst I think there have been mistakes made along the way , there always are and will be. Iraq was a big geo-political gamble for the Bush administration , and if we are able to make it pay off , we will reshape the whole middle east. I re-iterate , in contrast to other wars this was a splendid military success.
Obviously they don't want democracy or other wise terrorists wouldn't have killed the future president over there.

By this logic you could also come to the conclusion that because John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln, Americans are opposed to democracy. Nonsense!!

Assassinations almost universally do not reflect the majority view, they are a desperate move by an outnumbered minority to try to sabotage outcomes they are afraid of. The majority of Iraqi people want more freedom and want control of their country to be in the Iraqi people's hands (aka democracy in some form). Terrorist attacks are seldom ever the voice of the majority either.

I can agree that the immediate connection between 9/11 and Iraq is not obvious. Still, the "War on Terror" going after the foremost global funder of terrorism certainly seems logical, it just wasn't ever explained that way. No, he did not ONLY fund terrorism vs Israel. There are some very intricate ways that certain disreputable world leaders manage to fund global terrorism, and they don't leave obvious paper trails to their "direct" support. We'd have been chasing that paper trail for decades if it even existed.

We do know, however, that Sadam HATED THE USA. He would have cheerfully blown up, gassed, nuked or murdered as much of the USA and its citizens as he was able to. He reputedly had the materials to make a "dirty bomb". The Chinese prolly would have been happy to quietly sell him an ICBM on the sly at some point. Some parties in Russia wouldn't have been against the idea either. The man HAD NERVE GAS and OTHER CHEMICAL WEAPONS!!! We have hundreds of thousands of dead Iranians and dead Kurds as plentiful proof of that fact. Are Amercian's and people in other countries stupid enough to think that he wouldn't have tried to use them to attack the world, if he were given the chance? What we did with Iraq was remove a very big terrorist resource:
in the WMD department (probably),
in the finance department (absolutely certain),
in the personale department (absolutely certain)
in the logistcal/base of opperation department (pretty definitely).

Lastly, the USA is approaching 1000 dead Americans since the beginning of the Iraqi opperations. Considering that its an extended military opperation in hostile territory, the casualties are EXTREMELY light. We'd rather there were none of course, but we should hardly be horrified by that amount of American dead.
Considering that its an extended military opperation in hostile territory, the casualties are EXTREMELY light.

EXACTLY !!! The war itself will go down as one of the most brilliant campaigns ever , as conflicts go.
In the USA, we can thank the fact that a huge chunk of American journalism have roots as hippe love children. Why the hell can't anyone tell the stories about what's going RIGHT with Iraq? There's plenty to tell, but apparently good news isn't "newsworthy". Anyone remember Vietnam? The media is doing it to us again, the filthy bastards!
Unfortunatly Americans have a hard time thinking for themselves. The media wouldn't be an issue If people would go and think the situations through logically.
It may very well take another strike on our soil before people wake up and band together to fight this serious war. At that point you may very well see the media loudmouths stalked by your average citizen , and the Neville Chamberlains of the nation will not be heard from for fear of getting their @sses kicked by John Q Public....lets all hope it doesn't come to that.