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Good day, everyone. My name is Warrant Officer 2nd Class Kristopher Steliga. I'm from River Hebert, Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm just finishing up my grade 12 year of High School. I'm currently a Warrant Officer 2nd Class in the 154 Amherst Anson Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, but as well, I'm a Naval Cadet (Pending). I have yet to be sworn in as an Officer, but that will come around in mid-June. After my 5 year training at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, I wil be commissioned as an Acting Sub-Lieutenant and posted to an operational role on one of Canada's Naval Vessels.
Welcome to the forum, Steliga.

I have no knowledge of the rank or officer training systems of the Canadian navy, but is your WO2 rank a cadet rank or a rank in the actual navy?
WO2 is a rank in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Unlike the US Warrant Officer Ranks which are basically specialist ranks from what I know, Canadian Warrant Officers are the top Senior Non Commissioned Members in the Canadian Forces. In Air Cadets, there are only 2 types WO ranks (WO2 ands WO1), but in the Air Force and Army, there are 3. (WO, Master WO and Chief WO). I may be a WO2 in Air Cadets, but I'm also a Naval Cadet (Pending) in the Canadian Navy.
Thank you for the information. I was curious about whether you are a cadet/WO2 or in fact have a Warrant in the Canadian Navy (or Air Force).
FutureRANGER said:
I"m probably embarrassing myself but do you fly helicopters?? I'm confused. :oops:

Nope. The Air Force is in charge of all flying operations in the Canadian Forces (CF). We have CH-124 Sea Kings aboard our vessels, but AF personelle fly, maintain, and co-ordinate them. It's the same for our CH-146 Griffon Helo's. The Army uses them, but the AF is who flies them.

I'm a Pilot, but that's more directed toward Civilian flight. I got my wings throught Cadets, but I can't fly military aircraft because:

a) I haven't done Military Flight Training; and
b) I have glasses, which prohibits me from doing a).

It was a good question though. I'm happy to give people from the States (or other Nations) any info about the CF if you ask.
Well, that could be true. I'm not that big on fish myself. I've only lived in the Maritimes for about 7 years. Before that, I used to live in Prince George, B.C.
Well, they would be a Grizzly's favorite food, if it wasn't for a little something called a 12 Gauge Shotgun or a .303 Winchester. :rambo:
NCdt Steliga said:
Well, they would be a Grizzly's favorite food, if it wasn't for a little something called a 12 Gauge Shotgun or a .303 Winchester. :rambo:

lol :lol: Yep you're right. You will love it here this forum rocks indeed.
Does it ever. There is so much here that I can learn from and talk about. It's also great because I can share my information about the Canadian Forces to anyone who wants to know.