War And Religion


The war over a religon or group of people ususally occur when a certain amount of land is wanted and can't be recieved. They all say that it was their gods will for their people to go on suicide attacks in other countries.
New War

I'm going to say this but most of the time people want to belive that a war is over some type of religous fute, but a war is mostly about land. Or some type odd thing. Its says in the Old or New testament that says that when there is a undefened isreal that it will be the end of times. So I would like to say that no matter what we do there will always be a fighting in the middle east over either beliefs or land. No from what i have learned in highschool so far is that one main reasons that is the muslims belive the should have control of the holy land and the Iseralites Or the jews Belive they should have control of the land. so I belive I know u might say i condrict what i said earlier but i'm just giving a point about religion and war.

In most foriegn lands they fight for certain amount of land. Some of the land is holy. Thats why so many die to protect it from who they think is their enemy. Its all what their god tells them to do.(Or so they say!)