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Naval Aviator swim quals.

Ever since I was about 10, Ive always wanted to be a Navy Aviator. Ive taken numerous steps to improve my chances of becoming a pilot, but the only thing I haven't done is join my high school's swim team. Ive always been more of a wrestler than a swimmer, and since wrestling and swimming fall in the same season, I'm forced to choose between the two sports. Ive wrestled freshman and sophomore year, and plan to this year. :bang:Ive been running myself in circles with this question:bang:: Do you REALLY have to be a varsity swimmer to be in the running for a job as a Naval Aviator? Can I just be very comfortable in the water? I go out to the pool regularly during the summer; should I consider a membership to a gym with a pool for the cold seasons? I'm also planning on joining water polo this Spring. Should I still consider a gym with a pool if I stay in wrestling and join water polo and continue swimming over each summer?
One of my classmates is now a Naval Aviator. An F-18 pilot. He didn't seem that terribly athletic to me. You just kind of have to be good at everything. Especially the math and stuff like that.
if someone in your family has had LASIK eye surgery does that put you out of the runnings to become a pilot???

also, what branch of the military is the easiest to fly for? (when i say fly i mean something with weapons)
already spent 4 years as flight crew in the USAF on C-17's and racked up a good amount of flight hours doing so and now my happy little but is in the army as both a mechanic and flight crew again.... odd how fate is that no matter what i always seem to end up in a flying job in the military. right now i'm just waiting for my eye surgery and then it's time to submit my packet and hopefully off to WOFT i go.
So You Want to be a Pilot?

How about this F-16 simulator: www.f16rental.com

This new company, FSRentals, offers a complete High-End F-16 Fighting Falcon simulator for rental delivered to any location in the continental United Sates within 48 hours of booking the event. The companies goal is to prove that highly portable, easily deployable and relatively inexpensive units have a high-value to the future requirements of military pilot training.

Current systems cost well over 5 million dollars each, and require a substantial labor force to properly maintain and operate these systems. The systems that FSRentals are proposing cost around $1 million, which if adopted by the military in large numbers, would result in more simulators for our pilots and less tax payer’s money required to fund their purchase.

By currently offering it’s rental services to companies for trade show displays around the United States, FSRentals hopes to quickly raise national awareness and tax payer knowledge of the newer and potentially better ways of spending the future training dollars, and that policy makers and politicians will start to demand for wiser use of limited tax dollars than committing them to “to-large-to-fail” money pit projects that dominate current military spending.

FSRentals hopes that the U.S. Air Force recruiting offices will also see the value of having such devices to attract more eligible young recruits, by having interactive simulators at local high school and collage campuses for events such as career days. The simulator allows the recruiters to quickly assess the individuals current hand-eye coordination, as well as the ability to learn and execute new and more complicated tasks required than the video games they currently may be playing at home.

Time will tell if this new business start-up is successful or not. With a depressed economy, it could prove difficult to keep busy at the $500 to $5,000.00 daily rental fee’s that FSRentals is charging depending on location, additional services purchased, and the total number of days the consumer wants the simulator at their location. Another emerging niche market is retiring pilot parties. This is one area of the economy that has not suffered as badly as compared to other extravagate purchases made by the younger flight enthusiast.

A surprise flight simulator party from a wife to a husband is another area that FSRentals forecast to be very strong in the up coming years. Since the unit sets up so quickly, it can be a complete surprise. When the husband comes back from playing golf on his birthday, his garage has been transformed into a flight simulator themed party with one heck of an interactive center piece(the simulator). It is quite a memorable experience, and the husband is completely surprised and totally blown away!

A crude website is now up at www.f16rental.com, and FSRentals states it is now open for business, and can deliver to any location in the continental United States within 48 hours of booking the rental.
Do you want to keep your uniform clean when those on the ground are dirty and us-washed?
Do you want to do your killing from a distance, never experiencing the real horror of war first hand?
Do you prefer to see yourself as somehow superior to the “grunts” because of the first two things?
Then you, Jr. Birdman, you true blue pansy, are meant to be a pilot of high performance combat aircraft.
can i become a pilot if i have done drugs like lcd like a year before im getting the medical certificate ? im still 19
please help me with this