Has ISIS shot their wad did they ever have a wad was their structure based on thin air , ISIS an AQ decided to put away their differences for the time being and partner up but the Iraqis seem to be making progress against ISIS , having little knowledge of the area the people or their issues I can only say I'm confused .:hide:
I think they have run out of steam the problem is that I am not sure there is anyone on the ground in the region capable of exploiting their weakness.

The Iraqi army is a complete failure, Shia and Kurdish fighters are capable of matching ISIS but are not well enough equipped to make major, rapid gains so it just appears to be a grind-fest until a tipping point is reached.
Perhaps the bombing has reduced the hardware just enough to take away their military edge. After all that was their trump card all the US made and purchased: tanks, artillery, Humvees, etc.

Iraqi forces drove Islamic State of Iraq out of the strategic oil refinery town of Beiji on Friday, handing defeat to ISIS. A UN panel said ISIS has denied food and medicine to hundreds of thousands of people and hidden its fighters among civilians since the start of a U.S.-led air campaign.
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