Visitor nr 500.000 contest...


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When do we get the 500.000th visitor on contest

Same rules here as in the member contest:

1. Post the date you think the 500k visitor will visit (!) us..
2. Only one guess pr. date.
3. Only 1 guess pr member
4. It costs 20 MilBucks to post a guess.
(Donate to me, enter the date you guess in the donation explanation)
5. You can change your mind later and post a new date.
(Costs 10 more MilBucks. Do not edit your post, but post a new one if you change your mind)

No more guesses after the 460k member has visited!

The winner (closest to the date) gets 50% (minimum 100MilBucks) of all milbucks donated.
Second place 25%
Third place 10%

Some stats:
The daily average is about 3000 visitors pr day now (3000-3500 in the weekdays and 2000-2500 in the weekends)
It may be a bit more from now on, due to a certain yeti game.. :wink:

Check out for the latest stats, and some yeti info..

(And here I can't delete visitors and mislead you again.... :wink: )

Post you guesses, or post your questions now.

Redleg: March 30
Darkmb101: March 28
FutureRanger: March 29

Prize MilBucks: 60
My guess: March 30

Over 100.000 visitors in just over a month.. Hm...
A bit optimistic, or..... :D
GuyontheRight said:
Wow a whole 20 Milbucks, Im gonna have to take some time to think this one over :wink:

The more members who participates, the more prize MilBucks there will be..
The first prize is minimum 100MilBucks, regardless of how much is in the prize pot..

So ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets now.. :D

sherman105 said:
Redleg, you sure you arnt in some way attached to YetSports?!

Nope, not at all.
I just got those names by luck..
You can read about it on the index page.
I have also mailed them about this situation...

So what do you think, when will we reach 500k visitors.. :D
401k Visitors now!

And now only real visitors are counted too.
The yetisport thing has been moved to another page, and is not counted..

3500 visitors today....
Darkmb101 said:
U know this might be a dull contest, if its just gonna be the two of us.

I'm sure that others will join too.
They're just a bit chicken, and want to want until the last moment to guess.. :wink:
Ok guys I'm in. I've got enough Milbucks now I don't mind throwing a couple down a rat hole. Just to make it fun I'm guessing March 29 :) :D :p

I did the math, I think this one will be close :p
Darkmb101 said:
watch somthing weirds gonna happen and the date will be april 10th. And then ill win :D

April 10th??
Then I'll win.. :wink:

But remember that you are allowed to change your guess, for 10 MilBucks...
Does it say anywhere how many visits there have been?

Edit: Whoops nvm I just found it. Thought you mean how many visitors to the forum :oops:
No more guesses?? :cry:

Extending it to no more guesses after 460k visitors..