vietnam helmet quotes

BornToKill said:
i got surplus vietnam helmet, i want to write one besides, born to kill
LOL and your name is BornToKill

well i was watchin full metal jacket last night and they had some on there that were different the ones you said..dont know what they were though...
animal mother- i am to become death
8 ball- a 8 ball, lol
cowboy - a confederate flag
joker- born to kill
does are the ones i remeber
Taylor's helmet from Platoon has:
When I die, bury me upside down, so the whole world can KISS MY ASS! :twisted:

And there are some other small ones like a grenaider from FMJ has:
I'm Hard :rambo:

Or drawings are also cool, like Joker's bulls eye. Or and ace of spades like on platoon.
Half the fun tho, is making up your own 8)

"If found face down please call an ambulance"
"Get me within 50yds of Hitler, 'Nazi the end of that" :lol: sry, bit OT there
"Guns may kill people, but so do cigarettes"
"Guns don't kill people, I DO"

Recce said:
i saw a picture in a book of and one guy wrote

"Make war not love"


Why not make it something along the lines of "Make Love War" or "Make love a battle zone" if that makes sense????
In a picture a soldier from 8th Regiment, riding atop a 9th Division armored personnel carrier has "HIPPIE" written on his helmet.

My favourite:
Bomb Saigon Now
Bomb Hanoi Now
Bomb Disneyland Now
Bomb Everything

I like this one too:
Drop the bomb, end the world!

And I think the Ace of Spades drawn on the helmet is kinda classic...
My uncle's 'nam helmet didn't have a phrase on it, but if he wrote one on it now, it would say "Thank god for Kevlar" around the bullet hole
Recce said:
i think the best thing to have on your helmet is foliage.

I would tend to agree. However, most of the photos I've seen from Vietnam show little foliage use by Army Infantry. Not saying they didn't use it. ;) I've also noted photos where the soldiers used burlap strips to break up the shape of their steel pots.

As for the topic at hand, I can offer a few that I have archived from photographs:

"Death from Above"
"The Herd" (Referance to the 173rd AB nickname)
"Pot is better than peanut butter"
"Make love, Not War"
"This Side Toward Enemy"
"Where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that we need him?"
Various Unit Insignia
Various Womens Names
Various Short Timer Calendars
I think it was on the movie Hamburger Hill where I saw this one, "Comin' Home." But of course the guy wearing it never got to see home again.