Venezuela to Replace U.S. F-16 Fighters With Russian Su-35s

Hamid, may I call you Hamid...?

I have learnt for sometime now, never to really trust everything you read in the press. What do reporters know. They only report what others tell them, or worse, what others want them to know. the information can be misleading, at times this is done on purpose.

Allow me to explain myself- back during the initial stages of the First Gulf War (no, not the one you had with Iraq- that was two kids fighting for what i don't really care...), thesre was rumours that the Allies (US, actually) would deploy their stealth aircraft. There was much speculation as to how there aircraft would perfom under such condition...

Then, it was reported somewhere that French radar system would be able to detect these aircraft. It made the Iraqisjubilant- why? Becasue they has French radars.

Guess who leaked the news?The reporters were lapping it up... The reporters were also saying that the First Gulf War was going to be another Vietnam for the Allies, particularly for the Americans... History showed otherwise...

Another thing is this- it does not matter what aircraft you use in a conflict. It boils down to a few things-
1. how these machines are maintained.
2. the quality of the ground crew servicing it
3. the quality of the pilot.

Hamid, it is not the dog in the fight, it is the fight in the dog...