US's best allies.

Which country is USA's best ally nowadays?

  • Israel

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  • Poland

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  • Australia

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  • Canada

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  • Turkey

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  • Japan

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  • North Korea ( lol...)

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  • Others

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Italian Guy

Milforum Hitman
First I wanted to put this as a reply in the " i'll show you how an Italian dies " , asking how do americans view Italy ( faithful or wishywashy ally ). but I changed my mind and came out with this new topic:
What countries in the world are to be regarded to as America's best allies.
UK and Israel for granted... how bout Australia? Italy?

We always list our worst foes, how bout listing a bunch of allies ?
I said it is UK. To what extent do you believe cultural ( religious, linguistical... ) proximity or affinity helps make a country worth trusting?
I think this has the potential to be a good discussion as long as everyone behaves (IE. doesn't resort to flaming). It would be a good idea to state reasons behind your choices.
Ok then: I stated UK because I believe on the long run best allies are those countries whose different political parties ( at least those who have chances to come to power ) share the US same strategic interests, at least. A country where alliances are not changed depending on who wins elections. Countries where the people see americans as very similar folks 8) .
ItalianGuy4US said:
I said it is UK. To what extent do you believe cultural ( religious, linguistical... ) proximity or affinity helps make a country worth trusting?

I actually think the above question would make a very good topic unto itself.

In answer to the poll, though, I would say the UK, due to the longstanding alliance and, arguably, dependence of our two nations. I cannot think of any true conflict between us since the Civil War, when they tried to help my Rebel ancestors defeat my Yankee ancestors :lol: .
I'll add more later, I just took the APFT and I done run all my brain cells out :lol: .
No, of course not, but you asked who we thought our most influential ally was, didn't you?
Well i have a different mindset on the Allie thing.

Our best allies are mexico and canada. Now i can just hear that sudden gnashing of teeth starting up, except ill present my case an beat it... :mrgreen:

What most people think of probly about mexico and canada is the bad publicity the jobs going to mexico and canadian that boo at sports game. I can accept that. But what is more inportant is they actually do serve a purpose of assisting and helping guard our longest borders from an active large scale invasion..and act as natural land buffers to the same. Despite all our differences over the years...they usally agree with us on continental defense..mutal aide in time of war...first dibs on the strategic ores and raw material (mostly canada) and last but not least, provide a means and a choice of residence for our less inchanted citizen to go to without much fuss or muss.

We are still on good terms with both countries...and probly will be for the life of this one.

ok having said that.. im prepared to duck the tomatoes! :camo:
HAHA! So they're protecting us whether they want to or not! Cool. By the way what is flaming? I hear the term, but remain clueless as to its meaning.

| Flame ;)

Mindless yelling and insulting and cursing when one gets mad. Pointless and personal attacks. You get the idea.

forgot something kinda important:

I voted UK too. We go back further with them than any other country (well France was on our side before the UK was (Revolution) but in modern times then appear to have forgotten all that, not to mention WWII.)
Call it practical politik who wants to tick off a neighbohr? shoot, all those particular countries were formed by revolution from another...or in the case of Canada, waiting patiently for its independance.

Good neighbor policy...dont screw too much with the big bad one on the corner... :D
I think you're right overall. Their boos at US anthem are just typical neighborhood- arguments uh? nothing serious it seems.
lets face it..get anyone in a sports arena..get em beered up before the game...shoot you would booo your own team if liqoured up enough...sort of.

dont take this the wrong way. not everyone that goes to a sport event goes to get liquored up. but every time i have gone to an international game (US vs canada, ect) it seemed like half that stadium was a beer.. :D