USMC Motto's

God was here before the Marines, so you can give your soul to Jesus. But, your a** belongs to the Corps!-Full Metal Jacket (I may have messed up that quote)
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"One shot, one kill" is a term commonly used by all Marines,but is the official motto for 2nd Marine Division S/Snipers that go through sniper school @Stone Bay, Camp Lejeune. S/S 's that graduated from 1st Mar Div. Use a different motto, " Suffer Patiently, Patiently Suffer." I'm not sure what the other sniper schools use (there are 4 sniper schools in the Marine Corps). I was Arty, but was lucky enough to go through S/S school when we were switched to a provisional infantry battalion. 10th Marine regiment - "King of Battle" ; 5/10 - "Pain By Steel Rain" ; 3/10 - "Seven for One " ( reference to the battle of Saipan where for every Marine we lost, we killed 7 enemy) ; 2/10 - "second to none "