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There is no need for us to answer the same questions more than once, and several have been asked a dozen or more times. Avoid cluttering the forum by asking spamming questions.
Is there any chance the "Search" selection choice could be made much bigger? I think if it stood out alot more it would reduce alot of these repeated topics. It's so small now it blends in and I'm sure alot of new users never even see it until they've made the error of not using it.
Any suggestion to how I can make it more visible??

I thouht it should be visible enough where it's now, but it's obviously not that.. :?
Make the button that says "Search" about 5 or more times bigger so it stands out clearly and give it a different color than the black text everything else is in. For example, red text on a white background, or white text on a black background. Have the search button be a large oval that surrounds the word "Search".
I didn't say "giant". I said noticable. The search button right now is so small it's ignored. As Redleg has already agreed to this, what's the point of your post?
Well it's position is better that's for sure. I still think the font size should be boosted up to at least 24 point if not 48 point.
That's 48? Wow! And that 24 looks like 12 to me, but then I'm on a Mac so that's again probably the reason. Okay, split the difference. Try 30 point.
30 is HUGE...
I use 10 on the "search" text now...

the "huge" text in my post here is 24 by the way.....
I thought you said it was 24 point?

How's this; give me a sample of 12 point, 18 point, 24 point and 30 point. One line each.