US History course veteran survey questions


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I am in tenth grade and have an assignment comming up. I have to ask as many veterans as possible and create a survey summary. I attend PC High School in California.
The following are the questions:
Service Learning Veteran Survey Questions
1. Name and rank:
2. Did you enter the Navy, Air Force, Marine, or the Army?
3. How long did you serve?
4. Why did you enter the military?
5. What was most challenging in the military?
6. Would you serve (enter the military) again today?
7. What advice would you give me in entering the military today?
8. Did you fight in any war? If so which one?
9. Did you meet your spouse in the military?
10. If you raised a family while in the military, what was it like?
11. How do you feel about your experience in the military?
12. What is your rank and what does it mean, (i.e. if your rank is SSG what does it mean?)
[size=18]please asnwer all of them and send your reply via email at thanks[/size]
SSG stands for Super Sexy Grenadier.

What kind of project are you doing? Are you at a military school? Just curious because I cannot remember any project remotely like this from my high school days.
Its for a US History course project called 'The price of freedom'. Actally this is something my teacher and i agreed on doing because i can't go to the 'service learning project' (which is going to the graves of the soldiers and cleaning their headstones) because i am traveling right now so she told me to make a survey and ask some veterans and then right an essay on what i found out from the survey...i hope this makes sence???
All questions look good except for "name." You may want to remove that, as people tend to be a bit touchy, esp active duty/reserve etc. members about releasing personal information over the net.
Thanks for pointing that out...and if anyone doesn't want their name mentioned then all they have to do is tell me...if a name is not provided please add gender instead...thanks again