US Carrier Ops


Token Canadian Moder'eh'tor
Can anyone tell me what the colours that the crew wears on Aircraft Carriers mean?

I know that each job has a different colour, I just want to know what colour corresponds to what job.
Yellow: Aircraft handling officers, catapult and arresting gear officers.

Red: Ordinance loading, unloading, and disposal, crash/salvage crews.

Brown: Plane captains.

White: Quality control, plane inspectors, landing signal officers, air transfer officers, liquid oxygen crews, safety observers, medical personnel.

Purple: Plane fuelers.

Blue: Plane handlers, aviation elevator operators, tractor drivers, messengers.

Green: Catapult and arresting gear crews, air wing maintenance personnel, cargo-handling personnel, equipment troubleshooters, hook runners, photographer's mates, helicopter landing signal enlisted personnel (LSE)

Hope this helps. :D
Thanks, Commander. I knew that there was a lot of positions on a Carrier Deck, but I had no idea that there was that many.
Yeah, it's a lot to remember...that's why I looked it up. :D :rambo: :D
Our sea trip this summer is to a carrier (subject to changed duty schedules and alert status of the carrier they designate), so I'd better remember this.

And it's Cadet (Lt.) commander (but no one says the lieutenant so you're correct there, as I'm sure you know)...wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about my "rank".
Fair enough. I'm in the Navy as well, we just use Naval Cadet for our rank. No other ranks like C/LCDR, just N/Cdt.