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I haven't seen that many us army comercials but the ones i have seen make me laugh. They show how great it is to be in the army. all those happy people with guns. I understand that it might be fun to play with guns and many people like to do some hard muscle work, but why don't they ever show the war? I guess that wouldn't encourage people to join but i would like to see a comercial once with all the suffering that is done by the war. Think of that: You see granades flying and you hear the shots. Than you see pieces of body just flying around or people that just got their neck shot and blood all over.
us army comercials

I guess my point is that if they show the fun about being in the army they should show the bad stuff as well, i mean some people might take it seriously and sign up thinking that it will be just fun and they will get money for it. People shouldn't be brainwashed like this. I guess it would be best to just take the comercial off the tv afterall everybody knows that army exists and they are always willing to train new troops.
These commercials are NOT "brainwashing" (unless you have an excedingly weak mind, and then anything is brainwashing). They are RECRUITING ads to get people to go to the recruiting office and find out more about the military, it is not like a soda commercial, where you can just walk into a store, say "hey I done seen this on the TV" and get one, there is a rather lengthy process to actually getting into the Army or any of her sister services.
The purpose of the commercials is to create interest in the Army/Marines/Navy/Air Force (have yet to see a Coastie commercial), which may then be followed up by the prospective recruit. And believe me, nobody is going to hide the fact that you may indeed die from you, one of the first documents you fill out is your life insurance form. If someone is not intelligent enough to realize the risks of being in the service, chances are they are not intelligent enough to be let into the service in the first place.
us army comercials

My point is that those comercials should show people the dangerous part of the army. They never mention anything about life risking. I think that the "weak minded" ones are in the army as well, you just have to pass few tests, i have never taken any of those but i assume that your iq level doesen't need to be very high to join the army (I am thinking about the lowest rank here). I know that it takes time to get into the army but it's just about passing a few tests. If you are willing i would like to hear how hard are the tests (i mean the ones for your mental help) or perhaps just give me a link were i can get an idea about it.
I really do not understand why you think there should be a full discussion of everything that goes on in the military in a 30 second TV spot, I have, I believe, sufficiently explained the purpose of these commercials, which is definitely NOT to provide the viewer with all of the information neccesary to make a decision about joining the military (an impossible task given the time restraints). There is at the end of each of these commercials a plug of that service's website and instructions "to find out more," not "to get on down here and put pen to paper."

And there are very few "weak minded" individuals who are capable of making it through training, I am not saying that every servicemember is a genius, but none of them are so unintelligent as to not realize the risks involved in their jobs, and if perhaps one was that naive, they would be well-informed of their mistaken concept of the military by their DSs, DIs, TIs, and whatever the Navy has :lol: .

I also do not understand what "tests" you are referring to, do you mean training in general, or just paper tests?
Re: us army comercials

Spyfly said:
My point is that those comercials should show people the dangerous part of the army.

I think people can see that everyday on CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CDE, FGH, AAA, KKK etc. etc... every day...
Those ads shows people that there are other sides to the military as well..
It can actually be real fun sometimes too. BIG GUNS, and stuff that goes BOOOM, Muhahahaha! :rambo:
But I can agree that some of the ads can be a tiny bit too glorifying....
But it is a business they are trying to fill slots, and no one wants to show the bad stuff never.
Its called cardstacking. Show all of the good and none of the bad the army has to offer. Besides would u join anything if it has faults?
Darkmb101 said:
Its called cardstacking.

No it ain't. ;)
I'm not seeing where the difficulty in seeing this as a pure and simple recruiting technique (as opposed to a trick) is coming from.
us army comercials

i meant tests if you have good mental balance. There has to be tests like this after all being in army isn't only about muscles and good aim.

What the heck kind of network calls itself KKK?!!!!

:lol: Funny timing.

Spyfly .. just close your eyes next time the big bad brainwashing Army commercials come on. Then you won't have to worry about being forced to join the "low IQ" ranks of the military.
I remember when all the military recruiters came to my school. All the services came through and talked about benefits and college and cruises, etc. Then the Marines came through. A Staff Sergeant simply said, "If you think you have the mettle to be a Marine, come see me!" And he left it there. No real advertising or anything, just putting the name out there.
silent driller said:
"If you think you have the mettle to be a Marine, come see me!" And he left it there. No real advertising or anything, just putting the name out there.

Real nice, I really like that approach... :lol:
Say Spyfly, I read your profile and it says you're on active duty. What branch are you in, the genius corps? If you think that commercials should show the bad side of things, how about some cool car crashes from Ford?Or how about a nice Florida vacation commercial showing a hurricane? Maybe Burger King should show people in cardiac arrest? After all, driving to a vacation in Disneyworld and stoping for fast food along the way could have a bad side too, right? Give me a break, sheesh!
lol....i am not on any active duty....i guess i need to change got a point there.....but my point was also that the comercials are not showing that you have to kill people....well and its hard to kill while eating a hamburger.....and anyway what did i do to you that you went so berserker on me?? or maybe are you the one in charge of making those comercials?? or maybe is it your son that is playing in them?
Just the ridiculousness of your proposition. I think Redneck said it best when he said "I think you just answered your own question".