Unit Websites


Our Web Administrators don't update on a regular basis. I can't wait until I take over that post. I'm basically first in line since I'm the only ROTC cadet who is in second-year web design. (Yes, I'm a Freshman. And I'm in second-year web design. I'm that totally awesome. :rambo: )
yoo cullion jacob callahan i believe i went to Mini boot camp with him ask him fi he was in platoon 6 and ask him if he remembers the guidon i was tall and my last name was araque

that is my squadrons website, not really updated yet, not till the end of this month when we complete our change of command (we got a new commander).


heres another one of our sites, its just a site to get people to join


this an awsome site, my friend owns his own computer and software buisness w/ his brother 15 and 17 years old!! they desing their squadron site and encampments every year on the forum which is........