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What do you think, do Aliens exist and are they visiting Earth?

I personally do, to many of the UFO claims hold to much merit to be ignored, one of the uniting factors between the US and USSR was the topic of how to deal with UFO's. The two countries agreed that if any aliens were captured they should be immediately killed, supposedly five aliens were found and killed during the Cold War, and one of the most credible accounts comes from a Brazil, a UFO supposedly crash landed in the jungle, three beings survived. They Army went into the jungle and came out carrying two large burlap bags with something inside them that was moving around. Later at a Zoo all the animals started to act wierd and get sick, suddenly the people in the cafe saw something odd climbing the fence, it looked at them and they all claimed it to be an alien, all agreed that it had a terrible stench with big red eyes and humanoid in form. Brazil has always been very open about UFO's and yet they covered this up, why?

This issue has even been brought before the UN.

The Belgian Airforce has scrabled F-16's to chase UFO's out of their air space, they had a missile lock for 1.3 secons when suddenly the UFO took off in the opposite direction at such a high speed that they acceleration would have killed any human being,

If this many people came out and said they saw the president taking money from Public Works Projects and embezzling the funds into personal accounts we would have an impeachment on our hands in days, yet nothing is done about UFO's, why?

And why wouldn't aliens visit earth? Here we are, this civilization that is thousands, if not millions of years behind then, why not study us like researchers studying aboriginal groups in Australia, they might come here trying to understand their own history.

Be honest and fear not the scrutiny of others, I want your honest opinion, afterall, if Aliens can get to Earth and they choose to start a war odds are we are all dead anyways, if they can do that imagine the types of weapons they must have, our only options will be lose and let them have the planet, or lose and nuke them, sterilizing the planet.
Id like to belive ppl from other planets are visiting earth but... peacfully... ooooooooo the possibilities of them shareing technology with us...
Many people who disbelieve religion believe Alien, but they did not discover that their act is also like believing in a religion as well.

I don't believe in Alien. Becoz that's not a single stubborn evidence can prove it. U can say Alien did many things to prevent us to know it. But this claim is very stupid for me.

I still believe in Jeuss Christ, Amen

Damien435 do you have any sources for the information you have posted.?

I would like to see it the topic seems very interesting..............so if you have can you kindly post them.

The USA Police and Fire Fighters force have special instructions about what is to be done if a UFO happens. Like Last year a UFO was spotted in mexico and Mexico had thier air force up ( Personaly the UFO didn't suprise me what sprised me was that mexico had an airforce) However personaly I think all UFO encounters can easily be solved with Science. However for all we know thier may be life out thier, Kinda odd thier would only be one life supporting planet in a universe that grows by the second.
About the reiligious thing, what if Jesus Christ was an Alien? And that city in the Middle east that was destroyed, i cant remember the name help plz... maybye that could have been an Alien device. And the red sea passing of moses ... well maybe it was the propulsion engines that seperatied the water... I gather all this info from the History Channel... it seems convincing... BUT I came up with a nother conclusion with is extrememly unlikely, what if thier humans, but coming from Earth 500-1000 years in the future...
ha ha HA! If Jesus Christ was an alien... holy cow!

Anyway, it would be interesting to discover life elsewhere. "In other news, World High Council President H. Clinton sealed an intergalactic alliance with the Jupiterian Confederation..." :D

**Cough** UFOs are definitely planning and **Cough** **Cough** building a solid landing site**Cough****Cough** with the help of**Cough** Indian and Chinese Government. **Cough** :stupid:

Well Time will tell :cen:


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SwordFish_13 said:

**Cough** UFOs are definitely planning and **Cough** **Cough** building a solid landing site**Cough****Cough** with the help of**Cough** Indian and Chinese Government. **Cough** :stupid:

Well Time will tell :cen:


No. No they are not. 'nuff said.
Search for JANAP-146, that is the military protocal for contact with ET's.


That is the declassified version.

UN General Assembly decision 33/426, 1978

Establishment of an agency or a department of the
United Nations for undertaking, co-ordinating and disseminating
the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related

At its 87th plenary meeting, on 18 December 1978, the General Assembly,on the recommendation of the Special Political Committee adoptedthe following text as representing the consensus of the membersof the Assembly:

"1. The General Assembly has taken note of the statements made,
and draft resolutions submitted, by Grenada at the thirty-second
and thirty-third sessions of the General Assembly regarding unidentified
flying objects and related phenomena.

"2. the General Assembly invites interested Member States to take
appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific
research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including
unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General
of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities.

"3. The General Assembly requests the Secretary-general to transmit
the statements of the delegation of Grenada and the relevant documentation
to the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, so that it
may consider them at its session in 1979.

"4. The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space will permit
Grenada, upon its request, to present its views to the Committee
at its session in 1979. the committee's deliberation will be included
in its report which will be considered by the General Assembly
at its thirty-fourth session."


UN Outer Space Office Background


The United Nations has been a forum for international discussions
relating to space activities and the environment for many years.
But in the last few years, like many other organizations, it has
paid increasing attention to the need to protect the environment,
including the space environment.

The work of the United Nations relating to space activities and
the environment focuses on the promotion of international cooperation
in the use of space technology for monitoring the terrestrial environmental;
and working to ensure that space activities do not themselves cause
damage to the space or Earth environment.

The efforts of the United Nations to promote international cooperation
in space fall into two rather different categories. One is the
negotiation of international political and legal agreements. For
these efforts, the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
and its Legal Subcommittee are the primary forums, and the major
participants are the space powers. The developing countries with
space programmes, including Brazil, China and India, are playing
an increasingly active role in the international policy debates,
in particular with respect to the space and Earth environments.

The second category of United Nations space activities is the
provision of technical assistance to developing countries, mainly
through the Programme on Space Applications. This Programme is
overseen by the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space,
and the major participants are, of course, the developing countries.
Efforts to promote the use of space technology for monitoring
and protecting the terrestrial environment fall mainly into this category.

The United Nations monitoring role has focused on education and
training for developing countries. The Office for Outer Space Affairs,
through its Programme on Space Applications, organizes short seminars,
workshops and training courses and arranges for fellowships for
long-term education through institutions in countries with advanced
facilities. Since its inception in 1970, this Programme has concentrated
its efforts on Remote Sensing of the Earth, Life Sciences, Space
Transportation Systems, Planetary Exploration, and Astronomy.

The fields of planetary exploration and astronomy are commonly
subsumed under the term Basic Space Science.
they most certanly exist,i mean,think about it,if space is an endless form,than there must be endles amount of earth like planets,and with that at least a billion alien species,its pure logic
Dameon said:
I'm pretty sure I know a few aliens...... 8)

And I'm pretty sure that some of them signs up here from time to time as well... :lol:

I do believe there are (a lot) more betwen heaven and earth (and beyond) than we know about, so I don't rule out that there may be life (even intelligent life), other places in the Universe...
Only time will tell (or not) I guess... :)

But the big questions is: Is there really intelligent life here on earth??
(except me of course..)

Judginy by the fact we got to the movies,spend 20 dollers, then leave saying how bad the movies are but you are going to go see it agian....Yes
emmm Just a Question..................Do you Guys realise that the

Well Time will tell :cen:

Is a Hyperlink in my previous post...

**Cough** UFOs are definitely planning and **Cough** **Cough** building a solid landing site**Cough****Cough** with the help of**Cough** Indian and Chinese Government. **Cough** :stupid:

Well Time will tell :cen:

a lot of people have been asking about giving Source...... when i have postiong them right there...............strange...............when u see underline below anything it dosen't hurt put the mouse pointer above it ............if the pointer changes into hand then it's a hyperlink simple as that :)

and it's not about a movie :shock: http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/10-09h-04.asp

i don't believe any have visited earth, but there are definetly other life forms out there. most of the encounters on earth can be explained. to an untrained eye anything can look like a UFO. besides, UFO doesn't neccessarily mean an alien. the military can use it to describe exactly as the name means, an unidentified flying object. people tend to forget that sometimes.

the whole policy of killing aliens if encountered seems like a really bad idea. it's not like we go around killing immigrants entering the country, so why do it to those entering our atmosphere. besides, if they have the technology to reach earth do you really think they wouldn't know how to destroy us? we'd look pretty stupid killing some scout only to have to face a huge armada of crazy ships, independence day comes to mind, and coneheads. i wouldn't exactly trust them, but i definetly wouldn't try to start a fight.