Total War ROME

Yep i got it. Its pretty good, If you have a powerful computer it looks downright ammazing 5000+ men on the screen at once. Ill tell you what the Greeks and Spartans in that game are damn near impossible! If you dont have at least twice as many men they will slaughter you. I never realised how important spearmen really were back then intill I played the game.
I'm downloading the demo right now and I wonder how it will look like on my computer. I guess I'll have to choose minimum settings. :?
Dude the demo is HORRIBLE. It ran at like 15 fps with 500 guys on the screen. I can get 40 fps with 5000 guys on the screen now. They somehow forgot to add videocard support to it so old vid cards would run just as fast as the newest $500 top of the line cards.
Where did you get those 500 men from? I just had a tutorial and a small battle playing Hannibal in the battle of Trebia.

I played it with the lowest details set, but it still looked amazing. I barely can imagine what it will look like as soon as i have a better CPU. 8) :D
There are about 500 units in that battle. Ignore the numbers because there are far less units then what it says. I think it says their are like 20 somthin elephants when there are really like 7.
Man the game rocks! I got it and the graphics are awesome. Ive done battles with about 10,000 guys and it runs smooth for me with a lil lag spike now and then.
I've got it now and i haven't seen such a good game for a long time.

After installing it, I played non-stop for about 12 hours :shock: :P
A bit off-topic but I bought Empire Earth set yesterday. Yes though, the game is great. I myself don't have it, but, my friend does... It's amazing, i'm getting it this christmas with Star wars: battlefront
I have 2 quations to ask since i couldn't find any answers on the net. Maybe one of you can help me with that.

1) How do get rid of plague bearers?
2) Are the wonders of the world good for anthing or are they just there?
I believe you use sewers and public baths for plagues and I think the wonders improve wealth and reputation.
Big_Z said:
I believe you use sewers and public baths for plagues and I think the wonders improve wealth and reputation.

Yes, but the problem is not the plague itself in the cities. It will stop after a period of time, but your family members and spies are still plague bearers and will take the plague into other towns even if the 'original' plague is over.