Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Hiding Osama Bin Laden

Team Infidel

Forum Spin Doctor
10 He's turned backyard jungle gym into Taliban training camp
9 You call over there and someone answers, "Death to America... I mean, Yello"
8 There's a large "No Infidels" sign on the front porch
7 In latest video, behind Osama is you mowing the lawn
6 Neighborhood suddenly reeks of figs and sheep
5 Just had delivered issue of People's "25 Sexiest Mullahs"
4 Got invited to summer block party -- this years theme: "Sun, Fun and Jihad"
3 Mailbox now reads, "Rutherford/Bin Laden"
2 Car in the driveway has a hilarious "Martyrdom or Bust" bumper sticker
1 Last Sunday, Kim Jong-Il dropped by for Brunch