Top Ten Britney Spears Excuses

Team Infidel

Forum Spin Doctor
10. "You try and perform after 8 margaritas"
9. "I haven't been myself since Phil Rizzuto died"
8. "Too much soup"
7. "I was distraught after reading General Petraeus's Iraq report"
6. "Fighting a nasty case of wig rash"
5. "How can people focus on this when Leona Helmsley left $12 million to a dog?"
4. "Eddie Brill said the audience was people from out-of-town"
3. "Uh... global warming"
2. "Preoccupied looking for my next husband"
1. "Wanted to get myself on Oprah like Dave"
hahaha....ok all kidding aside....she is a one from Louisiana wants to admit shes from our state....just sad....