Top Bad Guy of the Second Half of the 20th Century

Who's the Baddest Guy of the second half of the 20th Century

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Since they were all evil I decided to vote on the basis of number of deaths they are responsible for, so my vote went for Mao.
out of those guys deffinetly mao in death rates...

but i would say the most evil person isnt on that list. my overall vote goes to a mass serial killer/cannable.
sorry i cannot remember his name and so do not have any links to supportthis. but i read somewhere there was a guy who literaly killed and ate parts of 200+ people.
Stalin, hands down. He killed more than Hitler. He killed most of his own family. Why does Saddam have the mustache? Look at a picture of Stalin. Family resemblance, eh?
Since they were all evil I decided to vote on the basis of number of deaths they are responsible for, so my vote went for Mao.
That was my reason as well, although all of them, including the ones nominated by posters in this forum, were pretty bad.
Saddam was an Ally of the United States of America when he was doing most of his killing, and the US knew about it, so it couldn't have been all that bad, or the US Government would have stepped up to the plate and said something to Saddam about it.
Stalin makes the top of the list for me even though his span of years just makes it into the 2nd half of the 20th century.

He was a bloodthirsty butcher long before and after my number 2 pick - Adolf Hitler.
Now that I think about it, I would like to change my vote. (not possible, I know, I just want this "on the record" so to say). When I look at this list I see that every... bastard on the list at least has an ideology and system of beliefs behind their actions. All, except for one, Pablo Escobar. Escobar brought terror to every level of Colombian society, he killed children and elected government officials alike without any regard for his own actions. And what were his motives? Money, profits from drug dealing, smuggling drugs out of Colombia and into the United States. Escobar wasn't acting for what he thought of as the greater good, he was trying to protect his profits. Escobar brought narco-terrorism to Colombia and his reign of terror was felt be everyone in that country. His body count may not be as high as everyone else on this list, but Pablo specifically targeted children, not even Osama bin Laden targeted children. And what I consider the icing on the cake here, Pablo Escobar tried to systematically destroy the Colombian Police through murder and assassination, not just officers who were working on trying to capture Escobar, but every cop he could find, hundreds were killed. I consider targeting police officers to be one of the most evil things a person because of their role in today's society.
The Iran-Iraq war. We supported Saddam.

We supported Saddam to drop chemical bombs to Kurds in Northern Iraq during Iraq-IRan War? I'm not sure. I thought America were stand neutral between Iraq-Iran War.

As for this thread, Stalin...or Mao.
The Iran-Iraq war. We supported Saddam.

Yes, we also supported Iran, but we still weren't allied to either side. We played both ends against the middle, end result? Both Iran and Iraq ended up weaker as a result of this war, neither side emerged as a clear victor and Iraq was full of confidence and attacked Kuwait, which eventually brought about the destruction of the Iraqi military and prevented any one nation from achieving superiority over all others in the Middle East, except maybe Saudi Arabia, if being ridiculously wealthy and the home country to half the Islamic terrorists in the world counts.