Top 10 Gun Safety Rules

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Top 10 Gun Safety Tips:
10. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. Such as at a hippy or a commie.
9. Dumb children may get a hold of your guns and shoot each other. If your children are dumb, put them up for adoption to protect your guns.
8. No matter how responsible he seems. Never give your gun to a monkey.
7. If guns make you nervouse. Drink a bottle of whiskey before heading to the range.
6. When unholstering your weapon. It's customary to say "Excuse me while I whip this out"
5. Don't load your gun unless you are ready to shoot something or are just feeling angry.
4. If your gun misfires, never look down the barrel. Have someone else do it for you.
3. Never use your gun to pistol whip someone. It could mar the finish.
2. No matter how excited you are about buying your first gun. Never run around yelling "I HAVE A GUN. I HAVE A GUN."
1. And the most important rule of gun safety. DON'T MAKE ME MAD!
8. No matter how responsible he seems. Never give your gun to a monkey.
That would just be funny to watch...LOL
I'll have to go through my emails. I have a mate who was a cop at an outback police station in Northern Territory. The Aboriginals there often cannot read or write, so the Firearms permit is only issued after an oral firearms safety examination. Some of the answers to his questions were real side splitters.

eg. Q.What are some of the things you do before you fire the weapon at an animal?
Correct answer. "Check the background etc"
Ans. "Put 'im in bullit, Tell t' missus an kids to SHUTUP".