Tomb of The Unknown Guards


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This is some of the requirements of Soldiers wanting to guard the Tomb. Lots of great info about the tomb on this site. I have been trying to find a full length story on the Sentinnels that stood there through the storms in 2003. Which by the way if anyone finds it please post the link. But anyhow found this site in my searches. This sight also squashes some rumors, about the Old Guard.

Just some of the requirements that each candidate must have:

No military or civilian convictions of law
Score a minimum of 250 on the Army Physical Fitness Test
Be with in 5'11" - 6'4"
Have a 34 inch waist
Present a soldierly appearance in the Army Blue Uniform.
Our training NCO here was actually with A Co. of the Old Guard for awhile. They're some pretty daggone sharp looking Soldiers.
My buddy was with the Old Gaurd..he's ROTC, prior enlisted...some of the most squared away soldiers I know.
Im not sure if this is on one of the websites but the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier has been guarded 24/7/365 since i beleive 1938. Impressive isnt it?
Are there Marines that guard it as well or is it only Army? I could've sworn I've seen red stripes on some of the uniform pants of the TUS guards.
no marines..its all 3rd army guard. The army has stripes in its pants too.

although they could easily handle the tasks performed by the Tomb Guards and arlington staff, i think they are better employed as the good sea borne troops they are.