This scared me!!!

now that i got my heart rate down...folks if weird..really weird things bother you, you might not want to hang around for picture number three


I have to admit...i really wasnt expecting that.... :D

When someone showed me that I had all sorts of explatives coming outta my mouth!!

Maybe we should put a health warning on there??
You bet You should! :evil:
The content is not for people with weak hart!

Maybe I will sue you! :D
HAHAAAAA! That was hysterical! Have you guys seen the one where you have to see what's wrong with the picture and the screaming face comes out? This was so much better!
OMFG! :shock:

I feel sick after that.. It' still on my mind and I was just aboutt o go to bed..

I will call someone because I doubt I will sleep alone now..


What a night this will be..

My girlfriend came up to listen to the prayer song, it scared the living heck out of her.

I love it.
The images are pretty disturbing though!