The XM8

Just gives you something to do, I mean, what fun is a weapon that works the way it's supposed to?
THis kind of ties into my bayonet ranting but when a friend saw I was trying to purchase a Russian SKS bayonet he immediately started telling me about the 1951 Russian SKS rifle he owned. He says its one of the lightest rifles he's ever used and yet it is probably the best deer hunting rifle he has ever seen. He said that its accurate and reliable and comes apart for cleaning easier than any other gun he's heard of. as well as the fact that the bayonet comes in handy for shoving in the ground so the rifle has a nice place to stay while he cleans the deer. So why should light weight be bad? Put a real bayonet on it and that will make up for the feeling that you are carrying a toy. With a nice triangular bayonet on the end of any rifle there is no way it can be considered a toy. :twisted:
Ok, the SKS weighs almost 9 lbs unloaded (the same as the M4), the XM8 is 6.2, that is a HUGE difference.

On a side note (and not to turn this into another dang bayonet discussion), what is your deal with bayonets? You seem a tad bit obsessed there man.