the Midnight Thread

I put away half a case of Heiny last Friday. Appearantly, I called cadetchick and said some embarassing things... something about her "middle boob..."

...then I went and pissed in some guy's bushes(my buddy was taking me home). I had to go right then or I was gonna drain the lizard on his racing seats. This was all after he wrestled the last brew(it's GOOD STUFF!) out of my hands. Ah, fun times...
I had a nice fight with my Marine last night, and for the time being... we aren't going to go into it. I'm happy now, with a guy who I was happy with before... he just wasn't happy with me. Anyways, I've cleared up things, made people mad and jut had a good night. By the way, Move over, Darling is an awesome old movie.
Well, it's 11:36. I am in University. I'm in the Infantry. I am peeko tea...?

I'm thinking there's something wrong with me.