The 'Ho trail


People have said why didn't the U.S. just destroy the Ho chi Minh trail and cut off supplies and troops coming into South Vietnam , the U.S. spent10 years trying to just that there were many problems with the trail , one, it was a series of trails not just the one trail , two , many of the trails went through Laos and Cambodia this was a political problem , three , the North Vietnamese could repair the damage almost as fast as it happen .:sorry:
The Vietnamese guarded the security of the trail very carefully. New replacements coming South on the trail would stay at camps in the jungle along the trail. When they left a camp a guide would take them half-way to the next camp where they would be met by a different guide who would take them to the next camp and later half-way to the next. In that way a guide only knew the location of his camp. He didn't know where the previous or next camp was.
It took about 90 days for a NVA soldier to get to South Vietnam by that time he was ready to fight anyone .
It was a much bigger deal than that.
It was almost a superhighway in places.
There were paved areas and caches of road machines and laborers stashed for repairs.
There was a lot of heavy vehicle traffic, increasing over time.
There is a link that comes up sometimes going to a comprehensive study including many present day pictures.
The idea of a few little guys furtively sneaking along is not accurate.
That was the case in many areas and branches, but the main complex was more open and ongoing.