The Great Middle East Project


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Great Middle East is mostly a political term rather than geographical. The countries in the mentioned term is beginning from Morrocco in the West and till Pakistan in the East also consisting the countries like Turkey, Israel, Iran, Jordan...The map was originally prepared by Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters.

As mentioned in the journals it is also considered as a plan to redraw the middle east map. In the mentioned map actually many Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan were shown divided. This "project" seems like the plan for division and pacification of the region. Secondly a founding a route to Central Asia in order to prevent a future Russian expansion in the area. Thirdly and most importantly the region mentioned in the map hold most of the global energy sources and trade routes at one hand and any power which may be able to obtain authority in this region become absolute dominant party in global affairs.

The above mentioned area was also considered to be the "Eurasian Balkans" which means obtaining too much ethnics and ready to live civil wars and uprisings. The "map" for some scholars is to identify the possible peaceful living areas without a problem.
I can see what they are trying to do there by dividing up the Middle East along ethnic/religious lines and in some respects had it been done 100 years ago when they did divide up the area it may have worked but right now it is little more than an idiotic dream that will create more trouble than it will fix and will never work.