The end of balanced, full scale wars?


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Hmm, lets see what you guys think about this toppic. Some people claim that the age of full sacle wars between equal forces is over. They say that powerfull nations have to much to loose and will never risk a full on war with equal nations. Is the future of war in pure a-symetrical, gurrial warfare? Or will we see more large scale, armor and infantry matches such as WWII and the Arab-Israeli wars?
I just can't see two armys of equal stature fighting one another now. The public has television, and now can see the horror of war. It is no longer a glorious and honorable thing, it is now something frowned upon by most people. Modern age countrys have far too much to lose.. Say a nuke was launched, and A city was wiped off the map. What then? Society and civillization can't risk wars, and when things start going badly, whose to say the loser won't use a tactical nuke to clear the battlefield and even the playing table? The thought of nuclear war, as well as sustaining huge amounts of casualties is not accepted by the General public. For better or for worse, most people aren't willing to fight and die for what they believe in. I do not see full scale war between two world powers happening any time soon. If anything, A cold war type setting.
Well I would be surprised if a country would actually start a full scale war with an other country right now. It's just not smart because you'll probably get the UN against you for starting it. Gurillia warfare on the other hand isn't that easy to overcome simply by sending troops. There's no "homeland" to bomb, no gouvernment to nagotiate with. For those people that wan't to change the world (or just there backjard) with violence, that's the way to do it.
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Well I would be surprised if a country would actually start a full scale war with an other country right now. It's just not smart because you'll probably get the UN against you for starting it. Gurillia warfare on the other hand isn't that easy to overcome simply by sending troops. There's no "homeland" to , no gouvernment to nagotiate with. For those people that wan't to change the world (or just there backjard) with , that's the way to do it.

I believe this is why the Iraq War is being dragged out so far. And I believe I will stop at that(have more on the mind, but not really appropriate here)...

Anyway, I think full scale wars with invasions and armies slammin' each other ended after WWII and Korea. Wars now are fought with armies, navies, and now air forces combining for one quick and blow. Special Forces are now major players in sabotage and assassination.
I think this is a very interesting topic, I've been thinking about it lately. Not so much as if it could happen, but what would happen if it did? Can anyone recommend some literature on the subject?

I personally think it still can happen. A renegade nation like North Korea that doesn't have much to lose. Or maybe Argentina...

A better question would be if the US would still be commited, the way the people of this nation are and the media I don't know :?
While I don't think that such wars will be as "common" as they have been historically, I believe we may have one or two more conventional wars on our hands within my lifetime (I'm 23).

When we're done mopping up the terrorists, we'll turn to North Korea and their renegade nuclear programs, and from there, we're in good position to go into China. I venture no guess as to how soon we may see conflict with China, but I wholeheartedly believe that it is indeed on the horizon.

Those two specific nations aside, I believe that we will continue to fight most of our battles against enemies without nations.
Uncle_Sam said:
Well, let's look it from the other side.
Why does the President always keep his doomsday suitcase by him? (If we think it ain't gonna happen) :?
I think (maybe wishful) that that suitcase you're talking about is meanly there to show the world that the US would retaliate. It's a warning. I don't believe that the mighty US would actually need a suitcase as big as that one to tell the pentagon to fire away. That could be done with an encrypted cellphone and some voice recognition software.
Large countries won't risk going into full-scale nuclear war, the most they would do was send Special Forces into the enemy countries.

Here's an excerpt from an article I was reading about a nuclear war. Blair was a former missilier. According to him, there is a plane flying above the United States this very minute that can launch every nuclear warhead in the United States' arsenal with the push of a button.

"Today, that war plan continues to follow the president -- the commander-in-chief -- wherever he goes. It is found inside a suitcase, better known as the nuclear football.

According to Blair, that suitcase contains several options that would call for massive retaliation.

'Well, the major options are called major attack options and there are basically four of them and any one of them would destroy Russia as a functioning state,' says Blair.

In the spring of 2000, a group of senators began to worry about just that. They went to Blair with a question: Why does the Pentagon feel it needs to keep so many nuclear warheads on combat alert? The answer, Blair told them, can be found by understanding the war plan options that he believes are inside the president's suitcase.

'MAO Four,' says Blair. 'Major Attack Option Number Four. If the president chooses this option, it would unleash at least 2,300 weapons immediately. It would just flatten Russia, [it] would be a radiating ruin for centuries. That's MAO Four. That's a Cold War option that we keep in the nuclear football -- the suitcase at the disposal of the president. And that's what drives our current nuclear operation."

For the full story:

There are 5 pages, make sure you read them all.

its still a definate possibility that convetinonal wars with relativly equal forces will still occur. personally i think the us would be stupid to try and take on china.

there are still plenty of small scale wars going on over the world and most dont seem to look like ending soon :?
indonesia in dutch new guinea for example. they have been fighting the locals there since the 1960's.

if a powerful country wants something and cant get it by other means they will try and get it via warfare of somekind.
I think (I believe most ppl think so too) that the full-scale war like WWII is already a history.

Especially for the big 5 (5 UNSC members) they all have MAD capability therefore it will not be possible more to engage a "real" full-scale war.

If you define "full-scale war" then you must take into account that the warring nations are entitled to use all means from their full-arsenal including Nukes, otherwise it is only a half-scale war :D

During WWII, USA used ALL her means even Nukes was put into war.
Well I don´t know honestly..... I think that the "real full scale" war with nukes and so on is over. But a WW3 scenario I don´t find to hard to see. You don´t have to look to far back in the history. Look at this Iraqi Freedom war. There was a lot of high tensions between different political leaders of the world. And after that one relaxation, easing of tension but I don´t think it worked as good as it looks on the TV. I look at the EU issue the hole thing looked as the Berlin Wall for some time.

Ready to crack down. It only prove that the EU is a thing that almost works in peacefull times but in war and conflicts they would brake fairly easy. When different countries in the EU want to put togheter different defenses and co defenses over the boarders they only show a weak spot.

The only thing I think that EU needs is another Iraqi Freedom to take place and then EU is in the history books as another failur to built peace with trade. Humans are like this ---- Peace for some time ---- Then you need a global conflict to make any progresses again. I am not having any wet dreams of a world in a state of Utopia.

I think as many others that this is as in the WW2 only a time of R&R before the big one comes again. The world as I know it, only works in peace and not in the reality if another war would turn up. Be prepared that is my motto. Humans are Humans and nothing will change that one. :|


I think the only places war will occur in the near future may be north korea and possibly the spratly islands! I dont think nuclear war is a possibility for any country apart from north korea as all the other countries have too much to lose!