The Best Military Rank(In your opionion)

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In my mind the best rank would be Lieutenant Colonel.

A Lieutenant Colonel has enough pull on the battlefield to command authority, but still low on the ladder to not let power go to his head...


Staff Sergeant has the best view of how the military works, he/she has been in the military for at least 6 years or more.
Now I know a lot of people will disagree with this but E4 Cpl in USMC. They have all the responsibilities of higher ranks and they still get to stay in the mix. They are usually in command of a fireteam if not a full squad. They are not at base camp hopin that a task goes well, they are there makin sure it goes accordin to plan. it is not the highest rank, but they are the ones that have more of an impact on things and more of an impact on the younger generations comin through the service because they are around them all the time.
You got a good point on the E-4 Rank. In the Marines, Corporals do alot of the work that a Sergeant or a Staff Sergeant would do in the Army.

Good Point, with the Corporal!!!

We Marines are always right!! ;)
Johnny,before you go patting yourselves on the back for being right all the time, what tasks are you referring to? I've never been in the Marine Corps so I can't speak about what each rank does there. I have heard that same line, from other Marines of course, but I never really got a good answer.
Oh and Sooners I don't know what goes on in the corps, but no E4s in any of my rifle platoons were ever
at base camp hopin that a task goes well
The Army does, however have specialists that have real specialties (hence the term). If that E4's job is one that requires him to be elsewhere other than in harm's way, that's where you'll find him doing his job, his rank not withstanding. The Army has corporals who are jr. NCOs and their job requires them to be in a leadership position. Yes, are actual squad leaders. We don't have Staff Sergeants as squad leaders. They are in charge of a section at the very least (usually 2 squads).
Why would I bother patting myself for being right all the time??

A)My Back and Arm would hurt from doing it all day B) And everyone knows the Marines are better than the Army so there is no point debating. You lose we win.. ;)

And tasks I'm referring to are just your basic combat, and non combat exercises... Normal Stuff
Read the whole line there, I said they were NOT at base camp, you cant take a piece of a line. The Cpl in the Corps holds several positions of authority, they take on all roles. They are the ones that are normally in charge and runnin the teams. Marines do not have a specialty, just an MOS, and no matter the MOS they are still in leadership positions. They are responsible for the same things that a SNCO would be. We have Sgt and SSgt that are normally in charge of a plt (4 squads). I wasnt sayin anything about Army ranks, I have no idea how responsibility falls there. I was referin to Marine Corps, I have heard that our (Marines) E4/Cpl would hole the same responsiblities as a E5 in the Army. I don't spell Army with a little "a" as army so I would apprecitate the same for my Corps.
Johnny, I'm not trying to turn this into another silly who's better thing because everyone knows the Army always has to bail the Marines out. But it's OK it's like having a little brother. :lol: We still like you. Besides the moderators hate those "we're better than you" type exchanges.
But all kidding aside, is it just that the Marines are structured differently than the Army is for a typical rifle platoon?
The U.S. Army frequently uses ten-man squads with a squad leader, medic, and two four-man fire teams. Each fire team has a M249 SAW and three M-16 rifles, one with an M203 attachment. The Army prefers these ten man squads to easily fit in a single armored personnel carrier or Blackhawk helicopter.
If the Marine Corps uses a larger squad then I could see the need for more control. If that's the case it would make sense that an E4 might be required to perform some of the control functions that more senior NCOs might in the Army.
Oh did I spell Mairine with a small m somewhere? Just looking for information Sooners. Just FYI, I have fought alongside many a Marine in my time and to this day I count certain Marines among my closest friends.
I am a Marine through and through and I would never say how one branch is better that the other. ;) Like I would not tell someone from the Army that they are "support staff" :lol:

Yes all kidding aside. We have the same basic set up, but with 3 four man teams. The rank of the person in charge of the squad would pend upon availability. Most of the time the team leader would be a senior E3 squad leader would be a E4 and the Plt Sgt would be an E4 or 5. I think ideally it is suppose to be: team leaders are E4, squad leaders E5, and Plt Sgt E6, but we all know how well that works.
Well, thanks for that info Sooners1. So it's perhaps the additional fire team that opens up the opportunity for lower ranking leadership roles. At least that's what it sounds like to me. It makes sense. Even in the Army, each rank is expected to perform beyond its basic job description which means that they can easily fill in for the next rank whenever neeeded. It sounds similar in most ways to what you've told me about the Marine Corps, thanks again.
Hey this whole site has given me more info about other services than I knew while I was in. I do appreciate the info from you on yoursquads I just assumed they were all set up the same as ours. Plus I never realized until recently that there were 2 ranks in the E4 catagory for the Army.
Sooners1 said:
Plus I never realized until recently that there were 2 ranks in the E4 catagory for the Army. ;)

And you're right Dtop, we have a very low tollerance for "Whos best" posts here, had a couple of those before, and they do ALWAYS end up in a nasty branch war..
Glad this one seems to be getting back on track.. :)

And the best ranks are Redlegs (any rank).. :lol:
(and don't you dare to say anything else, I have access to the admin control and ban panel.. ;))...
Throughout my career, I never saw it as a RANK but as a POSITION .
LRRP commander as a Captain was better for me than Staff Officer as a Staff College Graduated Captain.
LT G2 assigned to patrols in East Berlin was better than LT XO of a tank company....
Sgt tk cmmdr assigned at guarding Rudolph Hess was better than training recruits...

Position takes precedence to rank! Just remember that!!! :rambo:
Here's mine:
(Canadian, obviously)

Enlisted: Master Warrant Officer/Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class. You're high up there and everyone (Private/Seaman to General/Admiral) respects and fears you.

Officer: The rank that I am currently. Naval Cadet. Only because it's my rank and it's not going to change for another 5 years. After that, my favorite officer rank will be Acting-Sub Lieutenant and up as I get promoted.
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