THE BECKY (long)

Guys tend to remember the first girl that made an impression on them. I was expecting a huge letdown when he finally met her but was glad when it turned out exactly the way the guys in Vietnam dreamed it would.
^^^Yea, I was sort of expecting a "well, thats nice." and walk away kind of ending. Glad to hear it worked out for em. Thanks. I only wish the guys could have seen the look on the Beckys face...I dont know about the rest of you, bit I feel like I know this man as well as Kess and the other boys...strange how so short a story can tell you oh so much...And listen to the LT. Read the harry potter series then talk to me.
Good ole marine telling his story on the thing that may have helped him and some of his friends get through life, wonderful,it trully makes up for its length.