The 3500th member


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I'm giving 100 milbucks to who ever can guess the day the 2500th member joins. The one who get the closest wins. If the same date is posted twice, then the first one will count. You can only post one date.

Edit: My bad. Now its going to be the 3500th member. You will still recieve 100 milbucks, but it will be an entrance fee of 5 milbucks to me.
Ok Trevor. I'll raise the pot up to 500 milbucks. I'll do my best to keep this topic up untill 3500 member joins. The best way to keep it up is if people guess dates. The sooner the better.
There still is an entrance fee of 5 milbucks. So as aoon as you post a date send me 5 milbucks by clicking the donate button underneath my name.
well i will but maybe later, I am starting a lottery myself for 500 MILBUCKS!

!!!-13 JUN 05-!!!