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Ok noticed that there wasnt a topic about the military's love of being ink'd so if you have a cool tattoo then describe it hooah. :rambo:
Wow Silent Grunt now this is timely: I've been thinking to start a new thread about tattoos these past few days.
Im planning on getting one done.
It would be on my right shoulder and would represent an eagle, or an eagle's head. You know, America's symbol.

I was wondering though, should it be just the head or all of the animal ? Furthermore, is that a particular difference whether I get it done on the right or left shoulder ?

Last, what will it be like when I am 70 yrs old ?

I'm confident you guys can help me on this.
My big tattoo of the future is for if I get with a Cav unit, I'm going to get the crossed sabers across my shoulders.

I was thinking about getting a full set of BDUs tattooed on me so I could walk around naked, but now that they're bringing out this daggone new uniform that won't work. :cry:


Italian guy a tattoo is a very personal way to express yourself I sa if you like just the eagle head to then pimp it . but If you like the full bird or an eagles in cammies the its all you. Personally I have a tribal that i drew on my right arm and I am thinking about getting a tribal dragon tattoo on my back but not sure if thats where I want it .
It would be cool to get a tribal ( I mean for you ) either at the center of your back or ( better ) on the neck.
As far as my tattoo, what does eagle in cammies mean ?
hey redneck I am diggin that Idea about the bdu's . I mean come on I would never be out of uniform lol. Italian an eagle in cammies means an eagle's head on a person wearing bdu's
:lol: Yeah but I can't decide whether to get the Class B's or the BDUs now that they're changing the uniform, I think I'll just go with a pink tutu.
Get an M on one cheek and an M on the other then when you bend over it says mom.... well It might actually piss your mom off. :cowb:

I knew a guy who had squirrels running down each leg with an armful of nuts. Another had OIL HERE around his navel.A nurse that I work with has wolves on her back and arm, alchemy symbols and a witch ( she's a practicing Wican) on another,dancing fairies and more wolves on one leg , and a wolf covering her C section scar(she's not shy about showing them off either).
The squirrel is great!! :lol: :lol:

I dunno if I want a witch being my nurse, kinda got this thing about being scared of witch doctors...
I'm getting my zodiac sign and my best friends zodiac sign entwined together in our favorite colors. We are both going to get it in a few weeks. I have to get it in a hidden place, which is real hard to explain the location, because when I go to Meps at the end of July to swear in again and ship out they can't see it. Toodles.
I have 6 tatoos ranging from forearms to shoulders. What is the Army's stand on tattoos I know what the reg says, but what is ok and what is not. Like for example you really couldn't get one on your neck...could you?
originally, I was planning something roughly like this(only in black of course, going full color would kill my shoulder):


but now, I'm shooting for:


wow.... I'm gonna be disowned quickly!

Is this about permanent tattoos? Yes, I'm a whimp. Seriously, tattoos can be an none-regrettable mistake. Sure, they're cool, but not cool enough to keep permanently.

Just my 2 cents mini-lecture.
One of my roommates got a tattoo of a tiger in the old oriental tapestry style that covers half his back, and he got buyer's remorse within a week.
The only reason why I would get a tattoo is because I want one and it has meaning to me. That way, I'll never regret ever getting it done!
Yeah like something you believe in. Your country's symbol, or something you intimately feel will never be stranger to yourself.