Surviving Twilight? Whats his MOS?


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Wasn't really sure where to put this, so I am putting it here.

I recently read a book that basically was a soldier from Iraqs journal while he was there.

Its called:

Surviving Twilight
Shane A. Bernskoetter

It never said what his MOS was however he did spend alot of time in the, I believe he said Armory. He worked with one other guy, basically people brought in weapons that were broken, from pistols to rifles to machine guns, and they repaired them. I am thinking about joining the military and I am very fascinated with weapons and I was curious if anyone could tell me what MOS this is?

I looked on and checked Armament Maitenance since that seemed to be what it was. Is he a 45B -Small Arms/Artillery Repairer? I wasn't sure because Artillery is in there and he never mentioned working on Artillery. He made it seem he was in Cav, so..

Thanks for the input. Also I am guessing that link is accurate with the current MOS system since I know they changed it a while back?

And an 11B/11 Bravo is a regular infantrymen right?
11B is infantry, yes. If he was a 45B and in the Cav, he wouldn't have any arty to work on, since there are no arty in the Cav, IIRC.
Ok I was just getting through another chapter and he mentioned there were some engines and stuff they had to take care of.

So basically he works on small arms (pistols etc), large arms (rifles, smg's, mg's) and thats mainly his work but apparently he does some vehicle work form time to time. So is 45B correct then or is he something else? He works in an "armory" or "shop" as he calls it. As now it seems he is more a 45K as far as I can gather.

Major duties.The armament repairer supervises and performs direct and general support and depot level maintenance/repairs on the mechanisms/systems of tank turrets/Weapons, fighting vehicles, towed/self-propelled artillery, small arms and other infantry weapons.

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Sounds very much like an RAEME Armourer or fitter and turner in the Australian army. An interesting job if you like the technical side of guns, but I'm not technically minded so it'd drive me nuts.
Okay so I signed up for this site purely because of this Shane Bernskoetter’s book (Surviving Twilight). The reason being he has "Copyrighted” quiet a few photos that leave unanswered questions. I was searching for M6 Bradley Linebackers Iraq and in the numerous Bradley pictures in Google Image pops up one that really leaves me speechless.

A M6 Bradley Linebacker with “/33” on the front armor. So I go to the 4-5 Group site on Facebook to ask if anyone knows Mr. Bernskoetter and if anyone knows why he has a copyright on a picture of one of our tracks. I served in B Btry 4-5 ADA “/32” when they were with 1ST and very soon after the 2ND Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Division on then Victory North. (It didn’t become Liberty until later.)

Nobody knew who this guy was and after looking at more pictures there were images of vehicles that were stored back by the chowhall and yes the Artillery Battery that was located behind the chowhall. Also some of his tales of surviving “Mortar fire in downtown Baghdad" kind of left me curious since he seems to be wearing coveralls while working on a M203/M-16.

I am not saying an armorer or mechanic couldn’t have been there, one of my best soldiers on Irish was a Former Marine turned Army mechanic. Another thing about 4-5 ADA is they rotated their track so if you were A Btry “/31” and you came in off a patrol or mission that vehicle went to the back of the line of all the Battalion’s tracks and the next day you drew whatever VIC was at the front be it A, B or C Btry and rolled out.

Me thinks this young man embellished and took advantage of his situation and venture a guess he took pictures of destruction as it was towed into the FOB, inspected, deposited and gutted. I thank him for his service and understand the thought that being “all you can be” can lead you down a treacherous path but something fishy is going here.
Shane Bernskoetter was one of the unit armorer's with the 245th combat support maintenance company out of St Louis, Missouri that was stationed at Logistics Base Seitz Iraq in 03-04.