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I wanted to start a thread of my own here (hopefully the staff is ok with that), for site suggestions.
#1. In our personal profile, their sections for IM contact information, if possible, please add the GMail/Google IM as that is the main one I use these days. I only put my Aim in there since you can use Aim from the GMail IM which is great since I am not a big fan of the excessively liberal AOL folks.
#2. If possible, please make it so that we can save our writing preferences and don't have to adjust it each time we start writing again. For example, I prefer the blue colored font. By the way, I also prefer bold too but you guys probably don't want me writing in bold as the norm correct?
#3. If possible, please add Lucida Calligraphy font or one similar to it.
#4. In the past I had used my milbucks to purchase some stuff here and I am not seeing it anywhere. A thief broke in I guess during my absence and cleaned me out. Can the staff fix that for me?
#5. Can we change our username? I'd like to be able to.

More to follow as I think of them

#1-#3 You'll see quite a lot of changes/improvements in here when I get time to upgrade to the latest version of vbulletin. :smil:

#4 Taken care of, check your mail.

#5 Yes, but that costs Milbucks. or you can PM me of you have a very good reason to change your name and I can do it for you
Thank you Redleg, your an awesome babysitter even though your not as pretty as the one I used to have.

#6. I prefer military time. Anyway you could also make the times on the forum show military time instead of the a.m., p.m. crap?

#7. In the MilChat, if possible, show how many users are inside without having to go into chat.
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#6 Hm, I really haven't thought about that before but it seems like a good idea so I've changed it now.
#7 The Milchat isn't used very much, and it will be changed into a better one later this summer so I don't bother to do much with it right now.
#8. In our profiles, the space that is there to put stuff about our background, if possible, I think it would be wise to increase the amount of writing we can put in there. I wasn't going to put everything but what I was going to put in some the spaces wouldn't fit, so I just put very basic stuff or even in one section, I just wrote numerous.

Thank you very much for #4, #5 and #6!
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Is that an overall change or an option?
Overall change.

And to AikiRooster: I'm not going to do anything about the profile fields until we move over to vBulletin 3.7.0 since we're getting a "brand new" profile style and many new options then..
10-4 RedLeg, Thank you.

Any ball park guess as to when the change over is going down?

#9. I have tried things from the store that I had to spend milbucks on in the past, didn't like it and immediately got rid of it, when I get rid of it, the milbucks were not returned. At the very least, can an example be displayed of what the feature will do if we purchase? Sorry for the child proof issue but if it didn't negatively effect me I wouldn't be belly aching.
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#10. Sorry for the double post but this thread and every once in awhile some others I've posted in no longer show me an edit button for me to edit a previous post. (After posting this, edit button is showing for this post but not the others in the thread so maybe if a certain amount of time goes by the edit button is no longer available for a particular post).

#11. Items in the Gear box, if possible, would be nice if we could hover over them with the pointer like we can with the national colors and than the pop up indicating what it is was there. Most helpful in the gear box with some of the unfamiliar items as currently we have to go to the PX to look up certain items if we want to know what they are.
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#10 it's not possible to edit own posts after 7 days, to prevent members from messing up old threads if they get angry (for some reason), or to prevent prevent fakers to delete "evidence" after they've been busted (both have happened on more than one occasion in here before..)

#11 I had added that before, but I may have forgot to change the code after a previous forum upgrade so I'll add it again soon.
It's also possible to click the "gear" text above the gear to get more info.
#12. Anywhere we can post, people's profile, the social groups and such, can the settings be adjusted to make it so that we get email notification of replies or activity in those places? I think their is a little bit that comes through on our personal profiles but it's not complete. If possible, would also like to get notifications for others profiles we have posted on, especially since many seem to correspond with what you write from their own profiles and don't write on yours, so you gotta remember where you posted and go look to see if they replied.

#13. Sometimes, certain posts do not reward milbucks (maybe their is a limit on the number of posts per day that are awarded milbucks?). Sometimes, certain things reward 1-4 milbucks. Not sure what they are yet but on many occasions I am finding numbers 1-4 and 6-9 numbers in the totals. Not sure how that can be if we're suppose to be in increments of 5 and 10. hahahahaha. For example, total number as 551, 553, 556 and so on. If so, how many posts per day do you get milbucks for?

#14. Border colors around the username...........anyway possible to make the border go around each letter of the username instead of just a box around the entire username? Currently, it's more of a frame than a border. For example, I think it would look sharp to have a Olive drab username with each letter of the username having a black border.

#15. Let's say you have enough friends in your profile to have more than one page worth.....currently, the 2nd page is not showing when you click it. (At least, not for me).

#16. In the Edit Milforum PM section, it seems we can adjust getting a PM on Ribbons and Gifts? What are the Ribbons/Gifts? Another of those features not implemented yet perhaps?
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13. Yup, there's a limit. I hit it at one point about 2 years ago, back in the dark ages, when it notified you how many milbucks you recieved for each post.

Glad it doesnt' do that anymore, it got tiring.
#12 It's not possible to do more then what you can select yourself in your User CP, under "edit options"

#13 It's different from forum to forum category. What you get for each reply or new thread created is listed under "Posting Rules" at the bottom left under each thread or at the bottom of each forum category.
In this forum (suggestions/questions) it's:
Milbucks Per Thread View: 0
Milbucks Per Thread: 3
Milbucks Per Post: 1

#14 No, not the border. But you can add glow or shadows around each letter in your user name or user title in the Milforum PX under Username or User Title Options. But please notice that these two options are only visible if you're using Internet Explorer

#15 Fixed now (and also increased the number of friends pr page to 15, from 10) .. :smil:

#16 that's just something I haven't bothered to add yet since I really haven't found a good use for it. But it may be added later..
lemme add one of my own...

I saw on another forum an alert system that warns you when someone makes a post while you were typing yours... that would be really nice here.
I am on another forum that has that feature but if we were to switch to it their may be goodies here that may not be there.