Stupid Military Orders....


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Here's great article from

Sadly enough most of us who has been some time in the military has experienced similiar situations, I know I have.....
I'll try to dig up some from my head and post them here soon.

Have you ever experienced or heard about similiar stupid orders like this??

Post the here, and share them with the rest of us, it doesn't have to be war related..
Stupid orders from boot camp, your daily life etc. are welcome too.. :D
When my Dad was an E2 in the Air Force right out of Basic, he and two other aormen spent every day for a week cutting 4 inch nails ino 2 inch ones so that this 2nd Lieutenant could realize his dream of making a board to hang keys on, which he treated as a career making situation.

And at Ft, Knox for LTC I carried the CLS bag when we were in the field, and I had this one officer who would call for it and I'd come running thinking I needed to patch someone up or something, only to find him sitting there with his boots off looking for a footrest..
Thought that this was interesting decided to pass it on.

Dan Diaz (Former Jump Master in the 82nd Abn.) on fatal errors he has seen during Airborne Ops:

The last was the worst and the complete fault of the Air National Guard. It was right after the order for Jump Masters not to hang out the door (in order to ensure other aircraft are in proper formation/check Drop Zone). They had to stay inside and try to peer out the door. You can't see shit this way. Well the Air National Gurad instead of following stagard and higher (formation) were directly behind and about 50 ft lower (than the lead aircraft). The first three guys out became coleslaw (sucked into the turbines of the trail aircraft). The DZSO (Drop Zone Safety Officer) and pilots all got fried as they should have. The order was rescinded and JM's (Jump Masters) could do the hang agian. Pretty high price for a stupid ass order.
Ouch... :?

Why didn't they allow the JM to hang out the door in the first place?
Afraid that he might fall out?? 8)
Sir, you know that the military has never been known for its wise decisions. Anyway, If a JM fell out his parachute would open, and he would float to the ground, but when Troopers are killed jumping in winds that are too high because some big wig is watching, some mid-level officer gets fried, and some body else literally gets away with murder.
JaegerWolf08, wasn't there a case like that at the end of WWII as well? Where some General wanted a nice tight pretty formation and several paratroopers were killed because the aircraft were flying too close intentionally? I'm sorry, I cannot remember where I heard this, so I cannot provide a source, but it really stands out in my mind for some reason.
It is not just a random freak accident caused by some GEN. It happens more often that you would think. The most recent incident was just a few years ago. My buddies from the 82 have told me some HORROR stories.
I don't doubt it. Our supply Sergeant was in the 82nd until he shattered his leg in a jump,he has some pretty nasty stories, too.