Spratly Islands

Spratly is indeed a problem, but I don't think it will cause a large-scale conflict among the involved nations, because all the parties are trying to solve the problem on table.
cool, its better to hear that from someone who lives in the area rather than from an analyst! they may make a job out of guessing where conflicts will be but they often are wrong!
According to many sources there are a lot of oil and gas under Spratly.

What China's stance is that Spratly belongs to China, BUT China is well ready to share some of the natural sources with other involved countries.
i thought the whole problem was that each of the individual countries that are involved believe the islands are theres or part of them are as they all have claims to it, and i cant see the countries giving up there claim due to the oil, gas and the trade routes, and none of them will be happy with say china or vietnam having all the islands
That's true.

I think Spratly should be divided among the countries, there should be a deal reached sothat the problem can be solved peacefully.
yep either splitting or making the islands a neutral territory would be the only ways i can see of solving the problem
Right, but sometimes people can be greedy, or they want all of them, or they want too much of a share, then this leads to conflict.

The art is to make a balanced deal, happy for everyone.
If not, then all parties then have to show how big their fists are, and the strongest will grap almost everything.
thats probably going to be the problem with china as with it being the biggest poweri n the south china seas it will probably want most of the islands, if it does come down to showing there fists china will again win! maybe making the islands a neutral area might work but somebody has to govern it-maybe a comitee represented by all the countries involved in the dispute?
Yes, I would like to see all the parties sit down together and solve the problem friendly.

First we all admit there is a problem, then we all believe there must be a solution, and it is a peaceful solution, then OK, we try to work out, find the peaceful solution, a committee, yes, some kind of the form of a commitee would be a way to the final solution.

Even if China becomes as strong as USA today in the future, I don't want to see China bully small nations. We are all people with feeling, to be bullied is not fun.

China built a kind of base there like this:


Maybe bring it to United Nation, find a solution there. The bottom line is:
The problem should not be solved by force.
i think going to the UN is the only way as that is the only place to go that is completely unbiased, force will only make the situation worse and is no sure way of guaranteeing the control of the islands, it will also cost to rebuild the facilities on the island if there is fighting!
I agree sometimes using force to solve the problem is very stupid no matter how strong a country is.

And I believe the natural resources on earth belong to all people living on this planet and be shared by all of them. I know this is only a good wish, people sometimes just don't understand Giving is also Taking, they only want to take and take never think about give.

Honestly speaking, I can only hope the Spratly will be solved peacefully, but I really don't know what will happen at the end, I only know there are a lot of hawks in China in the young generation, I don't know when they become 40 or 50 years old say in 2030, how they will rule China and what kind of country China will become, peaceful demoratic or violent military.

Human beings simply have weakness.
A good picture of Spratly:

well if it does(hopefully it won't) turn into a shooting match, most likely China will win unless something very unexpected happens, such as the US stepping in and doing something- although I dont expect that to happen
FlyingFrog said:
Spratly is indeed a problem, but I don't think it will cause a large-scale conflict among the involved nations, because all the parties are trying to solve the problem on table.

lol. The question is, how much is "some?"
And how to divide that gas under the surface. I guess it would be measured by gallons / day etc because liquid doesn't get cut... like running a knife through your milk.